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Ethnographic Video Online, Vol. III: Indigenous Voices

A comprehensive resource of documentaries, feature films, and short films made by and for indigenous people and communities from around the world. More than 650 titles are available for many cultures; some are in native languages.

The Indigeneous Voices collection includes many films focused on Hawaiʻi, including:

  • Hawaiian Art of Healing
  • Holo Mai Pele: The Epic Hula Myth
  • Kahoʻolawe Aloha ʻAina
  • Keepers of the Flame: The Legacy of Three Hawaiian Women
  • Kumu Hina
  • Nation Within
  • Words, Earth & Aloha: The Sources of Hawaiian Music

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Individual Titles

The Immortal Emperor

“Amazing footage of the dig to excavate the 2000-year-old tomb of Qin Shihuang, China’s First Emperor. The famous terracotta army was only part of a spectacular find: the Imperial kitchen, the orchestral office, chariots and charioteers were all included to ease his journey to the afterlife.” Release Date: 1996

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Mind of a Rampage Killer

“Can science help us understand why some people commit horrific acts of mass murder?” Release Date: 2013

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Pride and Prejudice

Written by Jane Austen; Directed by Simon Langton; Performed by Colin Firth, Jennifer Ehle, Susannah Harker, Anna Chancellor, Crispin Bonham-Carter; Produced by Sue Birtwistle, British Broadcasting Corporation. Release Date: 1995.

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Whale Rider

In The Ways Of The Ancients, She Found A Hope For The Future. A small Maori village faces a crisis when the heir to the leadership of the Ngati Konohi dies at birth and is survived only by his twin sister, Pai (Keisha Castle-Hughes). Although disregarded by her grandfather and shunned by the people of her village, twelve-year-old Pai remains certain of her calling and trains herself in the ways and customs of her people. With remarkable grace and courage, Pai summons the strength to both challenge and embrace a thousand years of tradition in order to fulfill her destiny.” Release Date: 2002

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Who Killed Vincent Chin?

“This Academy-Award nominated film is a powerful statement about racism in working-class America. It relates the stark facts of Vincent Chin's brutal murder. A 27-year-old Chinese-American, Chin was celebrating his last days of bachelorhood in a Detroit bar. An argument broke out between him and Ron Ebens, a Chrysler Motors foreman. Ebens shouted ethnic insults, the fight moved outside, and before onlookers, Ebens bludgeoned Chin to death with a baseball bat. In the ensuing trial, Ebens was let off with a suspended sentence and a small fine. Outrage filled the Asian-American community to the point where they organized an unprecedented civil rights protest. His bereaved mother, brought up to be self-effacing, successfully led a nationwide crusade for a retrial.This tragic story is interwoven with the whole fabric of timely social concerns. It addresses issues such as the failure of our judicial system to value every citizen's rights equally, the collapse of the automobile industry under pressure from Japanese imports, and the souring of the American dream for the blue collar worker.” Release Date: 1990

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