Audio Gear Bag

Mookini Library offers a complete audio recording equipment bag for media creation.

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Audio Bags

Audio bags contain the follow items.

Tascam Portable Audio Recorder

Tascam DR-60DMKII 4-Channel Portable Audio Recorder for DSLR. Capable of recording 4 channels of audio simultaneously in up to 24-bit/96 kHz WAV/BWF files, the DR-60DmkII boasts Tascam's High Definition Discrete Architecture (HDDA) preamps and a Cirrus Logic analog-to-digital converter chip for accurate and pristine audio capture.

Tascam AC Power Adapter

Tascam PS-P520E AC Power Adapter. is an external power supply for the DR-60DMK2.

Tascam Wired/Wireless Remote Control

Tascam RC-10 Remote Control. For the DR-60DMK2

Tascam Closed Back Studio Headphones

Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones. Has a foldable design for easy Compact transport.

Strut Field Case

Strut STR-DR60D Field Case for Tascam DR-60D and DR-60D MKII Recorders. Custom designed to house the Tascam DR-60D MKII portable recorders.

Rode VideoMic GO

Rode VideoMic GO On-Camera Shotgun Microphone & Custom Windbuster Kit. Comes with everything you need to record high-quality audio in windy outdoor environments for ENG, film, video and more.

RODE VXLR 3.5mm TRS Female to XLR Male

RODE VXLR 3.5mm TRS Female to XLR Male Allows the Rode VideoMic Go to connect to XLR cable.

Auray Universal Microphone Pistol Grip

Auray Universal Microphone Pistol Grip. A handheld grip that features an ergonomic cushioned handle. This grip is great in "run & gun" situations in which a boom pole would be cumbersome, and in video scenarios in which the cameraman is also responsible for audio recording.

12ft Mic Cable Patch Cord

12ft Mic Cable Patch Cords - XLR Male to XLR Female Black Cables - 12' Balanced Mike Snake Cord. Audio cable to be used when using XLR inputs on TASCAM.

Panasonic Eneloop AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries

Panasonic Eneloop AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries Rechargeable Batteries for Tascam

Panasonic Ni-MH Battery Charger

Panasonic Ni-MH Battery Charger Rechargeable Battery Charger

Ruggard Outrigger 65 DSLR Backpack

Ruggard Outrigger 65 DSLR Audio Bag Backpack. Used for carrying DSLR audio gear.

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