Administration of Justice

Department Chair: Katherine Young , Ph.D.



Assistant Professor:

Administration of Justice is the study of how justice is implemented through the institutions, laws, policies, and procedures that order the public sphere. With a central focus on crime and justice in society, students will take courses covering a wide range of topics and disciplinary perspectives that examine the theory and practice of administration of justice in the U.S. and globally, and which prepare them for leadership positions in public agencies and non-profit organizations in criminal justice and related areas. Those students entering the program with an A.A. degree from a community college accredited by a U.S. regional accreditation agency will not be required to take General Education courses and will be given elective credit for selected courses in Administration of Justice that are transferred.


The mission of the Administration of Justice Department is to prepare students to be innovative leaders in law enforcement, criminal justice, government administration, non-profit administration, and justice advocacy; qualify our majors for acceptance to top-notch graduate programs and law schools; and support the community through engaged scholarship and service.

Goals for Student Learning in the Major

By graduation, Administration of Justice majors:

  • Demonstrate skills and training related to the administration of justice that supplement, not duplicate, police academy or equivalent training.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills appropriate for mid-level and higher positions in agencies and organizations associated with the administration of justice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the cultural, political, legal, and administrative contexts that influence the administration of justice.
  • Articulate a comprehensive understanding of the administration of justice from social science-based perspectives.
  • Use appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze policies, procedures and programs related to the administration of justice.
  • Communicate knowledge effectively in written and verbal forms.

Prospects for Administration of Justice Graduates

The Administration of Justice Program provides students with an interdisciplinary education that enhances their understanding of crime and justice in society and offers students a flexible curriculum and research training that prepares them for diverse careers paths in criminal justice and related areas. Many Administration of Justice students go on to graduate programs in criminal justice, social justice, public policy, law, politics, and public affairs.

Contributions to the UH Hilo General Education Program

Administration of Justice course offerings contribute to fulfilling the College’s educational purpose of preparing students “to meet the demands of both profession and citizenship.”

Special Aspects of the Administration of Justice Program

The Administration of Justice Department sponsors a number of hands-on activities to broaden and deepen the students’ knowledge of administration of justice. Among these are a variety of internships in state and local agencies on Hawaii Island as well as legislative internships at the state and federal level. Administration of Justice students who demonstrate mastery of the subject matter, professional competence, and responsibility are eligible to participate in these internship programs. Through the internship programs students gain a unique experience in administration of justice and related fields that supplements their coursework and may enhance their post-graduation employment prospects.