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The UH Hilo Faculty Congress speaks for the faculty on academic policy matters concerning more than one unit. The UH Board of Regents recognizes that "The faculty has primary responsibility for such fundamental academic areas as curriculum content, subject matter, and methods of instruction and research. On these matters the power of review and concurrence or final decision lodged in the Board of Regents or delegated to administrative officers should be exercised adversely only in exceptional circumstances and for reasons communicated to the faculty."

-- Section 1-10 Regents' Policy on Faculty Involvement in
Academic Decision Making and Academic Policy Development.

The UH Hilo faculty congress welcomes Alice Davis as its new chair. Contact Alice via email at View our faculty development committee page.


Outline of Roberts Rules of Order for Faculty Congress (Word)

Motions Passed by Faculty Congress and Status of Administrative Approval

Reorganization Town Hall page

2016-2017 Meeting Schedule, Agendas, and Minutes

Meeting Date/Location (3:00 pm to 5:00 pm) Links to Agenda, Minutes Executive Summary
September 23, K 127 Agenda, Minutes
  • Finalized committees
  • Discussed reorganization; scheduled Town Hall for 10/14/16 at 3 pm in STB 108
October 21, SSC 201 Agenda, Minutes
  • Adopted consent agenda to streamline meeting
  • Discussed a condensed version of Robert's Rules
November 18, SSC 201 Agenda , Minutes
  • Motion to allow non-congress representatives to serve as chairs of standing committees
December 16, SSC 201 Agenda, Minutes
  • Discussion regarding the number of FC committees, motion from Nov.18 killed
  • Discussion regarding GE waivers, approval or denial by the Associate Dean, and the wishes of the department
January 27, CoBE 101 Agenda
  • No old or new business items
  • The following items were discussed:
    • 5-Year Enrollment plan
    • IAFT Proposal and how should UHH respond
  • Members preferred CoBE 101 to SSC 201 for future meetings
February 24, CoBE 101 Agenda
  • No old or new business items
  • The following items were discussed:
    • IAPT Proposal
    • GE Foundations Motion
March 17, CoBE 101    
April 21, CoBE 101    
May 12, CoBE 101    

Prior Meeting Schedules and Minutes