Guidelines for Submissions

JPACT asks that all submissions be formatted for anonymous review, with all identifying information removed from the abstract and manuscript. Papers determined to contain identifying information and to be unsuitable for blind review will be returned to the author.

All submissions must be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Professional copyediting is the journal’s primary cost, so our experiment in completely open-access publishing can only succeed if authors carefully proofread and format their submissions. Any papers determined to contain an unprofessional number of variations from JPACT’s format will be returned to the author for revision, even if the paper has already been accepted. Note that this may delay the publication of your paper until a later edition.

As an online publication, JPACT can and will consider submissions of varying length. Standard article length is approximately 5000-8000 words, but we consider shorter and, in some cases, longer submissions.

All submissions must be original works, and no significant portions thereof may have been previously published elsewhere.

Provided the submitting author holds the copyright for such materials, we are happy to publish photos, videos, illustrations, and other digital resources whenever it is technically feasible to do so. The internet has opened many exciting new modes of philosophical presentation, and we encourage contributors to explore them.

Authors retain the copyright for all submissions but allow JPACT to host submissions indefinitely and for other indexes, websites, and collections to republish the work as long as JPACT is appropriately credited as the original publisher.

Please send abstracts and articles in a single file to the Editor, Chris Lauer . Mahalo!