Geography and Environmental Science Faculty and Staff

Ryan Perroy Ryan Perroy

Chair and Associate Professor, Geography

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7259, Email,Website

Courses: Remote Sensing, Advanced Geo-Spatial Techniques, Climate Change, Introduction to Geostatistics, Field Methods.
Research: Exploring land degradation and recovery processes, such as erosion and invasive species, using sUAS and remote sensing, X-ray fluorescence, and traditional field methods.

Kathryn J. Besio Kathryn J. Besio

Professor, Geography and Environmental Sciences

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7253, Email

Courses: Geography and Contemporary Society; Cultural Geography; Food and Societies; Gender, Place and Environment.
Research: Tourism geography, qualitative research methods, research ethics, home gardens and local foods.

Nancy “Nan” Elmer

Lecturer, Geography & Environmental Studies

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7254, Email

Courses: World Regional Geography, Geography and the Natural Environment, Themes in Regional Geography.
Research: Political and cultural change over time and space.

Jonathan Price

Professor, Geography

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7241, Email

Courses: Biogeography, Principles of Landscape Ecology, Senior Thesis.
Research: Utilizing GIS to identify biodiversity hotspots for native bird and plant species, search for rare species, and locate appropriate areas for the restoration of threatened and endangered species.

Michelle L. Shuey

Instructor, Geography and Environmental Sciences

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7258, Email

Courses: Natural Resources, Interpretation of Geographic Data, Environmental Impact Assessment, Intro Environmental Science, Natural Hazards/Disasters, Geography and the Natural Environment, World Regional Geography, and UNIV 101.
Research: The relationship between humans and nature, and how people see and create nature as they believe it to exist based on cultural, religious, or societal beliefs.

Christopher Knudson

Assistant Professor

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7823, Email


April Surprenant


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