Faculty Development Committee

The Congress will appoint a Faculty Development Standing Committee that should have broad general membership from across various units. The Congress will appoint a member to serve as Chair of a standing Faculty Development Standing Committee. The chair will select no fewer than five faculty members to serve on the committee, and the Congress will approve their selection. If feasible, the Committee should be comprised of at least one representative from each college at UH Hilo.

Members shall serve for two-year terms. Terms of committee members will overlap to ensure continuity among years. In recognition of the duties and responsibilities associated with this office, the University shall grant the Chair a course reduction of not less than one course during the academic year.

The primary responsibilities of the Committee will be to coordinate and support faculty development opportunities. Other responsibilities will include:

  • Develop and update a Faculty Development Plan. The plan should include faculty development opportunities, including support and mentoring for new faculty and faculty identified in need of support during contract, tenure and/or promotion, and five-year reviews; presentation of opportunities during the new faculty orientation; recommend seminars, workshops, and training opportunities;
  • Act as a faculty advocacy body to ensure proper support for faculty development on all levels, including professional/research support for all faculty, institutional support and recognition for department and committee chairs, and support for other faculty units;
  • Conduct an annual survey to identify faculty development needs and requests;
  • Manage the available Faculty Development funding opportunities. The committee will provide announcements to faculty on funding opportunities;
  • Establish a peer-review system to support faculty submitting proposals for faculty development funding;
  • Provide proposal and reporting models to faculty and comments and conditions on proposals and mentoring to faculty for development;
  • Advocate for adequate funding for faculty development;
  • Advocate for, coordinate, and streamline institutional support services for faculty in leadership positions, such as department, committee, and faculty governance chairs;
  • Develop, organize and sustain the Academic Leadership Program. The program would provide information, training, and discussion opportunities to faculty interested in academic leadership, including on-line information for committee/department chairs, presentation of modules that address leadership topic, and organization of seminars, workshops and other opportunities.

Members, 2018-2019


Members, 2017-2018

  • Lee Chee Cheng, Chair, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Alice Davis, CAS (Nursing)
  • Karla J. McDermid, CAS (Marine Science)
  • Sunyong Kim CAS (Psychology)
  • Zheng An, CAS (Communication)
  • Julie Mowrer, CCECS

Reports, 2017-2018