Academic Program Review Advisory Committee

The Congress will appoint a standing Academic Program Review Advisory Committee (PRAC) composed of an executive committee of no fewer than three and no more than five UH Hilo faculty members, with broad general membership from across the various units. Congress will also appoint a faculty member to serve as chair.

The Executive Committee will:

  • identify and invite faculty members with recent experience in Program Review to serve as PRAC members to assist in training other faculty whose programs are scheduled for PR in the next 1 – 2 years;
  • identify and invite faculty from programs scheduled for PR within the next 2 years to serve as PRAC members in order to help facilitate their PR training, especially on programmatic level assessment and alignment with WASC mandates for program review;
  • supervise committee meetings with programs at the beginning of the PR process to inform the program faculty members of what to expect during the PR process, the deadlines that need to be met, best practices with respect to obtaining required information and distributing the work among the faculty members, how to identify and invite an external reviewer, and negotiating the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) development process (note: programs may choose to decline this offer of assistance);
  • continually review the Program Review Guidelines and revise as needed per changing requirements set forth by WASC and/or the Federal Department of Education;
  • supervise a PRAC internal review of Program Review documents prior to external reviewer visits and provide feedback to programs;
  • review [optional] program annual reviews that highlight progress or lack thereof within the MOUs, and assist programs with their ongoing negotiations with the administration when progress is deemed insufficient.

PRAC Executive Committee members shall serve two-year staggered terms. Committee members serving in the trainee-capacity shall serve through the completion of their program’s PR and will be encouraged to continue for at least one year in a trainer-capacity to provide continuity from year to year. The Congress Chair may negotiate a course reduction with the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs for the chair of this committee depending on its agenda for the upcoming year.

Members, 2018-2019


Members, 2017-2018

  • Doug Mikkelson, Chair and Professor of History
  • Brian Wissman, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Shawon Rahman, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Reports, 2017-2018