Dr. Todd Belt

Department of Political Science

University of Hawai'i at Hilo


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Peer-Reviewed Books, Book Chapters, and Journal Articles

Belt, Todd L. and Marion R. Just. 2008. "The Local News Story: Is Quality a Choice?" Political Communication 25(2):194-215.  Link here.

Belt, Todd. 2007. "Newspaper Metaphors and Political Persuasion." Political Linguistics. 23(3):10-19. Published in Russian as Политическая лингвистика.  Link here.

Just, Marion R., Ann N. Crigler and Todd Belt. 2007. "Don't Give up Hope: Emotions, Candidate Appraisals and Votes." In W. Russell Neuman, George E. Marcus, Ann N. Crigler and Michael B. MacKuen (eds.). The Affect Effect: Dynamics of Emotion in Political Thinking and Behavior. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.  Link here.

Rosenstiel, Tom, Marion R. Just, Todd L. Belt, Walter C. Dean, Atiba Pertilla and Dante Chinni. 2007. We Interrupt this Newscast: How to Improve Local News and Win Ratings, Too. New York: Cambridge University Press.  Link here.

Belt, Todd. 2007. "Political Persuasion through Metaphorical Framing." Political Linguistics 22(2):18-25. Published in Russian as Политическая лингвистика Link here.

Crigler, Ann, Marion Just and Todd Belt. 2006. "The Three Faces of Negative Campaigning: The Democratic Implications of Attack Ads, Cynical News and Fear Arousing Messages." In David P. Redlawsk (ed.). Feeling Politics: Affect and Emotion in Political Information Processing.  New York: Palgrave/Macmillan.  Link here.

Hahn, Harlan and Todd Belt. 2004. "Disability Identity and Health Attitudes: Activists and Assessments of Cure." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 45(4):453-64.  Link here.


Editorially-Reviewed Articles

Belt, Todd. June, 2004. "The Nader Factor 2004: Swing State Subversion." Campaigns & Elections Link here.

Pertilla, Atiba and Todd Belt. 2002. "How Strong is the Case for News Quality?" Columbia Journalism Review 41(4):91-5.  Link here.

Belt, Todd. 2002. "Viewers Keep Disappearing" The Project for Excellence in Journalism 2002 Local TV News Project Report Link here.

Just, Marion R., Rosalind Levine and Todd Belt. 2001. "Thinner, Cheaper, Longer: To Pad Profits, Broadcasters Cut Budgets and Staff while Adding Programs." Columbia Journalism Review 40(4):12-3.  Link here.

Gottlieb, Carl and Todd Belt. 2001. "Where Have all the Viewers Gone?" Columbia Journalism Review 40(4):7.  Link here.

Just, Marion R., Rosalind Levine and Todd Belt. 1999. "The Budget Game: Numbers Show Staff not Stuff, Wins Viewers." Columbia Journalism Review 38(4): 93-4.  Link here.


Reviews Appearing in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Belt Todd. 2009. Review of Jeffrey E. Cohen, The Presidency in the Era of 24-Hour News in The International Journal of Press/Politics 14(2):280-1.  Link here.

Belt Todd. 2007. Review of Richard R. Lau and David P. Redlawsk, How Voters Decide: Information Processing during Election Campaigns in Political Psychology 28(5):641-4.  Link here.

Belt Todd. 2007. Review of Robert M. Entman, Projections of Power: Framing News, Public Opinion, and U.S. Foreign Policy in Congress & the Presidency 34(1):101-3.  Link here.

Belt Todd. 2006. Review of Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson, Off Center: The Republican Revolution and the Erosion of American Democracy in Political Science Quarterly 121(3):512-3.  Link here.


Educational Book Supplement and Entries in Scholarly Resource Encyclopedias

Belt, Todd. 2008. "Voting Regulations."


                          "Civil Service System."

In Genovese, Michael A. and Lori Cox Han. (eds.). The Encyclopedia of American Government and Civics. New York: Facts on File.  Link here.

Belt, Todd. 2008. "The Social and Political Consequences of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor." In Darity, William A., Jr. (ed.). International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences 2nd ed. Detroit, MI: MacMillan Reference USA.  Link here.

Belt, Todd. 1999. "Muslims." In Ronald Gottesman (ed.). The Encyclopedia of Violence in America. New York: Prentice Hall.  Link here.

Kann, Mark, Todd Belt, Gabriela Cowperthwaite and Steven Horn. 2000. Getting Involved: A Guide to Student Citizenship. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon.  Link here.


Media Coverage of Research and Publications

Schudson, Michael and Danielle Haas. July/August 2008. "Too Good to be True?" Columbia Journalism Review.  Link here.

Butche, Robert. July 2008. "Branding Failure Killing Local TV News." Newsroom Magazine Link here.

Ventura, Elbert. July 2008. "Local News: If It Bleeds, It Shouldn't Lead." Miller-McCune Link here.

Converse, Stevie and Candace Clement. July 2008. "Media Minutes." Free Press Link here.

Research cited in Potter, Deborah. 1998. "The Shrinking Audience for Local TV News: Why are Viewers Tuning Out?" NewsLab.  Link here.


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