Data Archive of Post-9/11Surveys of

Student Political Attitudes and Behaviors


Collected by Todd Belt

University of Hawai'i at Hilo


Results (marginals) from All Years Available for Download: Excel

Survey Questionnaires and Data Sets Available for Download:

2001 Study (n=431)  Survey  SPSS  Excel

2002 Study (n=501)  Survey  SPSS  Excel

2003 Study (n=493)  Survey  SPSS  Excel

2004 Study (n=576)  Survey  SPSS  Excel

2005 Study (n=1,381)  Survey  SPSS  Excel

2006 Study  (n=1,141)  Survey  SPSS  Excel

Do not publish or cite data without permission.


Contact Info:

Dept. of Political Science

University of Hawai'i at Hilo

200 W. Kawili St.

Hilo, HI 96720-4091

tel: 808-974-7375



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