Hawaii Disability Rights Advocates

Oppose Assisted Suicide


Their reasons are Civil Rights, not religion.


Here’s why:

Some of us are disgusted with our new selves, until we learn that life does not end when disability begins. Everyone is dependent on others. Disability is just one more dependency. It is not the end of meaningful life. We can learn to cope with disability and dependency just like we learn to cope with life’s other problems.




The “Safeguards” and why we do not trust them:




National Disability Rights Organizations

that oppose assisted suicide:


·              American Association of People with Disabilities

·              ADA Watch/National Coalition for Disability Rights

·              ADAPT

·              Center on Disability and Health

·              Center for Self-Determination

·              Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund

·              National Disabled Students Union

·              National Organization on Disability

·              National Spinal Cord Injury Association

·              TASH

·              Not Dead Yet


Not Dead Yet was formed specifically to oppose assisted suicide from the Disability Rights perspective. It is the disability community’s definitive source on the implications of public policy and media activity related to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Here is its web site, and other information sources:











This opinion sheet was prepared for the 1/22/2005 Legislative Talk-Story on the Big Island. It was written by Ron Amundson, Secretary of Disability Rights Hawaii, a grassroots nonprofit Disability Rights organization based in Hilo. The Board of Directors of DRH has voted to join the many national Disability Rights groups that oppose physician assisted suicide on the civil rights grounds discussed above. Ron Amundson and Pat Lockwood, State Director of the Hawaii Centers for Independent Living, will soon be submitting an Op-Ed piece on the topic to the Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin.




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