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This is the Course Web Page for Phil 310.

FINAL EXAM: Due Monday, May 8, at noon by email or in my Humanities Division Mailbox. (NOT under my door.)

Amundson’s very own false memory.

Attribution Experiments (for Lecture on 5/2).



Lecture for 4/28. Download for your Ipod/mp3 player or stream online.

Notes for 4/28 Lecture. Print out or watch online. Or make into a greeting card for Mother’s Day.


Blackboard Notes 4 from 4/3 to 4/28.


The Cartesian Theater. (Dan Dennett’s idea, from Susan Blackmore’s book.)

Dennett’s Multiple Drafts (as a theory of consciousness).


Online Responses for 4-21 lecture.

Online Policy (previously on the web page)


Lecture for 4/21/06: Make sure you have both the Gazzaniga Reading and the Notes for 4/21 available for the lecture.

Notes for 4/21/06 lecture

Gazzaniga Reading: required for Friday, April 21.

Try Here if the Library link (above) isn’t working.


Loftus and Disneyland

Twin Memory Study

The Matter Transporter: science fiction and metaphysics. (What does this imply about the memory theory of personal identity?)



Old stuff -- 4/7/2006

Here’s the Lecture for Friday, 4/7/06.

Here are the Notes for that lecture.

You are responsible for listening to the lecture, and then logging on to you MyUH account and posting a comment to the Message Board under the topic “Musical Souls.”

It would be nice if some philosophical comments came out of this, but I will not require it … yet. If you have no philosophical comments, just say “I listened to it” or something similarly bland. (You’ll be asked to be more active later anyhow.)



Exam #2, due at 9:00 AM, April 3.


Blackboard Notes 3 from 3/1 to 3/24. Mind-body from Fodor onward.

Blackboard Notes 2 from 2/10 – 3/1. Mind-body problem through Smart.


The Syllabus


Michael Bach’s page of optical illusions. Test your specific detectors. 


First Exam: due by classtime on Friday, Feb. 10.


 Belief-Desire Psychology

Old Blackboard Notes (through 2/8/06). All of the notes on Free Will and Causal Determinism.


John Austin and his donkey (an example of ordinary language philosophy at work).   

Quanta and FW (for later discussion).

Quantum Mechanics: the bad news.













If you missed the lecture on Monday, 4/3/06


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