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Department of Psychology: Overview

The UHH Department of Psychology is a growing department involved in numerous educational and research activities.  Over the past 10 years the department has become one of the largest and most comprehensive academic units at the university.  Judged by the numbers of educational programs offered, courses taught and students served, as well as faculty scholarly productivity, the department is also one of the most productive programs at UH Hilo.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology (with a specialization in Mental Health Counseling). 


The Department offers a variety of upper- and lower division undergraduate courses, which cover all major substantive areas in Psychology as well as methodological issues.  At the graduate level, the Department offers over 20 courses in counseling psychology.  In addition to the regular courses, special topic courses are taught almost every semester.  The Department also provides students with numerous opportunities to obtain research and clinical experience.  Psychology courses are popular and fill up quickly during pre-registration.  Students are advised to sign up for the courses they need as early as possible.  By the beginning of the semester almost all of the Psychology courses can be closed.  


The Department has the largest number of students of all departments at the university.  Overall, we have approximately 320 students in our academic programs, including almost 300 undergraduates and about 30 graduate students. There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of our students over the past decade, and future growth is also expected, as the university continues to expand.


The Department currently consists of 11 full-time faculty, 2 affiliate professors, and a number of part-time lecturers.  All of our regular faculty hold terminal degrees in their fields of study.  Our professors are known as passionate, dedicated instructors, many of whom have been recognized for their skills and commitment with various teaching awards.  Areas of faculty expertise include, but are not limited to, Animal Behavior, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology,  Community Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Neuroscience, Physiological Psychology, Social Psychology, and Vocational Psychology.  We desperately need to hire at least three additional faculty members in the near future. Currently, the Department is understaffed and has one of the worst faculty/student ratios at the university.

Scholarly Activities:

The majority of Psychology faculty are actively involved in significant research. 
Many research programs conducted by the department's faculty have been supported by major grants from various federal agencies and produced a number of highly regarded publications. Most of our projects employ undergraduate and graduate students, who have not only actively participated in faculty research, but also made numerous conference presentations and co-authored papers published in scholarly journals.
Page updated: January 2017