Tsunami Hazards Gallery

The photos in this gallery are courtesy of the Pacific Tsunami Museum, and they will not enlarge. Be sure and visit the Pacific Tsunami Museum web page for extensive photos, as well as more information.

Now available throughout Hawaii in surf shops and at Civil Defense, a free 18-minute DVD: He'e Nalu--But never try to surf a tsunami. Funded by Hawaii State Civil Defense, this video compares huge surfing waves generated by the November 2003 storm in Hilo with deadly tsunami waves. Scientists explain the nature of tsunamis and why you should be far inland during a tsunami watch or warning. View short clips of this DVD in the Video Gallery below!

photo of tsunami damage in 1946
Downtown Hilo, heavily damaged by the 1946 tsunami, was battered again in May 1960. (Martin Polhemus Collection, Pacific Tsunami Museum.)

photo of tsunami damage in 1960
The hardest hit area in 1960 was the Waiakea peninusla: nearly every building was flalttened or floated away. Above, a school building. (Matt Chow collection, Pacific Tsunami Museum.)


Video Gallery: Why You Can't Surf a Tsunami



Photo Gallery: November 2003 Storm

These waves are NOT from a tsunami, but were quite impressive.

photo of wave crossing highwaySrorm waves washed across Bayfront Highway.

photo of wave damage Trees were uprooted.

photo of OnekahakahaOnekahakaha Beach park flooded.

photo of surfer at Bayfront Huge surfing waves were generated.

photo of surfer near halauSurfers were happy.