Large waves

2014: Hurricane Iselle Hits the Big Island


After a natural disaster, government agencies will do their best to help you, but if there are hundreds of downed trees on the roads, it’s going to take time for workers to get to you.

Storm Surge Kapoho

Likewise, HELCO works very hard to get power back up to residents as quickly as possible. But when there are several miles of utility poles that are broken in half, power cannot be restored overnight.

Utility pole

Be self-sufficient. We get hit regularly with tsunamis, but we also experience large earthquakes, which give no warning time. These can also cut off roads, so you might not be able to get to a grocery store to stock up; you have to be ready at all times.

Warm Ponds

Warm Ponds

Warm Ponds

Hwy 11 tree

Tree on roof

Stay safe!