Hurricane Hazards Gallery

Hurricanes cause widespread and extensive damage from high winds, dangerous surf, and flooding. In 1992, Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai, causing 2.4 billion dollars in damage.

Storm surge from Hurricane Flossie (photo below) in 2007 ran up Punalu'u black sand beach. See more details!


Watch video of Hurricane Estelle damage to Puna in 1986.

The photos below are courtesy of the NOAA National Weather Service.

Hurricane Iniki Photos, Kauai, 1992

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Iniki's high winds stripped foliage from trees and branches. (Photo copyright NOAA NWS)

High surf along the shoreline washed cars on top of one another. (Photo copyright NOAA NWS)

Storm surge ripped asphalt into pieces and knocked over palm trees. (Photo copyright NOAA NWS)

This is a false-color satellite image of the Poipu area, showing the ocean, coastline, and agricultural fields. Halfway down the photo, a white line of debris indicates how far inland the storm waves traveled. (Photo copyright NOAA)

Storm surge produced widespread flooding along the coastline. (Photo copyright NOAA NWS)