Flood Hazards Gallery

In November 2000, the Big Island was hit with an enormous amount of rainfall, resulting in flooding in Hilo, Puna, and Kau. The November 2000 flood dropped a record-breaking amount of rain on the southeastern half of the Big Island. A total of 37 inches of rain fell in 24 hours at Kapapala Ranch near the town of Pahala. Out of this total, an incredible 22.25 inches fell in just 6 hours.

Video Gallery

More videos are COMING SOON! We are rebuilding them in larger-resolution format.

Video #1: Year 2000 Mega Flood on the Big Island

The Millenium Flood resulted from two tropical storms stacking one atop the other.  The footage of Pahala's flash flood is amazing; the road and bridge are completely underwater, as standing waves rush through the area.

Video #2: Flood Do's and Don'ts (Stay tuned!)

Video #3: Year 1994 Giant Waves Invade Condo at Keaukaha


This video was shot by Tom Robb, a geology student here at UH-Hilo, from his home in Keaukaha. The waves were generated by a giant storm, and illustrate the type of flooding that can occur in Hawaii from hurricane storm surge and from tsunamis.

Video #4: Flood vs Drought in Hilo


This video showcases astonishing footage of the 1994 & 2000 floods in Hilo, comparing them to drought conditions in February 2010; each segment shows the area dry, followed by what it looks like underwater.

Video #5: Year 2003 Storm Waves in Hilo Area (Check back!)


photo of Komohana floodFlooding in Hilo's Aleanaio Channel below Komohana.

photo of Kikaha floodFlooding in Hilo near Kawailani Street.

photo of Pahala floodFlooding in Pahala.

photo of Bayfront floodFlooding in Hilo near the soccer fields on bayfront.

photo of truck stuck in flood
This is why it's a bad idea to drive through flooded streets.

Flood Photos

The Wailuku River carried so much water that the rocks at the top of the falls were barely visible.

The Waiakea Stream overflowed, saturating the grounds of the UHH dorms.

On Komohana Street, the culvert and overlying road were washed away.

The Komohana culvert washed up in someone's backyard.

The bridge along Highway 11 near Pahala Hospital was heavily damaged.

Boulders attest to the strength of the flood.

A police officer surveys the damage.