Earthquake Hazards Materials

Gas Water Heater Bracing

Materials Needed Comments
Metal strapping (plumber's) tape Encircle the gas water heater with metal tape.
Nut and bolt Secure the metal strapping into a tight circle.
1/2" metal electrical conduit tube Cut two pieces, each about two feet long. Flatten the ends with a hammer; drill holes on flattened ends.
5/16" x 3" lag bolts with washers Connect ends of conduit to studs in wall.
Nuts and bolts Attach the other ends of the conduit to metal strapping.

Strengthen Your Shelves

Materials Needed Comments
L-shaped brackets and screws One edge screws into the shelf, the other to a stud in the wall.
Velcro strips (with sticky backs) Place velcro under large or breakable items to prevent them from falling during earthquake shear.
Wood strips for kitchen shelves Cut thin strips of wood (1" x 1") to the width of open shelves and permanently attach.
Child-proof latches for cabinets Latches will prevent the doors from springing open during an earthquake.

Download the pdf information sheet of bookshelf and water heater bracings.

You can also print copies of the home survival checklist, how to prepare your family for earthquakes, a perspective drawing of how to build shear walls, and shear wall cross sections.