QBA 362 – Assignments

Research Paper

Write a research paper of at least 3,000 words (provide the word count near the title and your name at the beginning of the paper). The topics should be relatively narrow in focus. As an example, “Cloud Computing” is too broad to be very informative in 3,000 words. Choose more focused topics. For instance you might write about:

 A specific business-related technology such as inventory-control systems.

An application of a technology like the use of mobile smartphones for diagnosing/treating medical problems among rural patients),.

Some issue associated with the use of technology in business such as “How does peoples’ resistance impact a business when implementing a technology, like CRM or ERP, for the first time?”.

You must get my approval for your topics by the due date on the schedule. The research topics will come from two different course modules. Click here for details about research paper requirements.

Your sources of information for the paper should not be from the text or from any of the resources I have identified for this course. Your research should go beyond what we have read or seen in this class.

I need to approve your topic before you get too far into the research.

The paper is due Monday, April 24. Email me a detailed outline of your paper no later than Tuesday, April 4.


Homework Assignments*



Date Due


Module 1 – TOC 1-5

TOC 01

HW-1: Short Answer Questions #1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10, pg. 43.

Tue. Jan. 17

TOC 02

HW-2: A&E #2, pg. 74.

HW-3: CCS-1, #1, 2, 3, 5, pg. 71-72.

Mon. Jan. 23

Mon. Jan 30

TOC 04

HW-4: Short Answer Questions #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, pg. 132.

Fri. Feb. 3

TOC 05

HW-5: See instructions regarding Netsuite video demo in TOC 5 resources.


HW-6: A&E #1, 2, 3 pg. 357-358 – these will take time to learn the tools – start early. You may want to watch the demo on pivot tables I provide in the lecture video TOC-05a.  Do not need to print out every page – one page for each task should be enough for me to see your results. I have downloaded the work files for you. They can be found by clicking here.

Fri. Feb. 10


Fri. Feb. 24


Module 2 – TOC 6-9

TOC 06

HW-7: Short Answer Questions # 9, 10, 11, 12 and A&E # 5, pg. 191.

Fri. Mar. 3

TOC 08

HW-8: CCS-1 #2, 3, 5 pg. 239-241.

Fri. Mar. 10

TOC 09

HW-9: Discussion Questions #1 and 5, pg. 274.

Fri. Mar. 17


Module 3 – TOC 10, 11, 13

TOC 10

HW-10: A&E #3, pg. 306.

Fri. Mar. 31

TOC 11

HW-11: A&E #4, brief paper – not PowerPoint, pg. 336.

Fri. Apr. 7

TOC 13

HW-12: A&E #1, only do 3 software packages, pg. 393.

Mon. Apr. 14

* Note about homework (HW) assignments.

All assignments should be word-processed and turned in by 6:00 pm Hawaii time of the due date indicated. HW assignments turned in after 6:00 pm Hawaii time on the due date will be marked down 5% per day late, including weekends and holidays.

Each assignment is different but a page length of 1-2 pages is probably appropriate for most. Each homework assignment is worth approximately 2% of your total course grade. Those who provide thorough explanations along with relevant examples will receive more points than those who provide minimal responses.

Please prominently display the HW number at the top of the assignment along with your name.

All homework assignments must be turned in via Turnitin.com. There is a separate assignment folder for each HW assignment on Turnitin (i.e., HW-1, HW-2 … Paper 1, Paper 2, and so on). Upload the HW to the appropriate HW assignment folder.

All HW assignments MUST be turned in, regardless of their lateness, to receive course credit.

Notations of the assignments are explained next.

  • CCS refers to Closing Case Study. The CCS is found at the end of the chapter. CCS is followed by the case number and then the page numbers of the case. The numbers following the page numbers are the questions you are to answer. Example: CCS-1 #2, 3, 6, pg. 30-31 refers to the Closing Case Study #1 on pages 30-31 and requires you to answer questions #2, #3 and #6.
  • Short Answer Questions refers to the questions listed as such at the end of the chapter shortly after the Summary and Closing Case studies. 
  • A&E refers to Assignments and Exercises. These exercises are found at the end of each chapter or module. The exercise number is given as well as the number of the page where you will find the exercise. Do as instructed in the exercise.
  • Discussion Question refers to the Discussion Questions near the very end of every chapter after the Assignments and Exercises.

If you determine during class discussions that you can provide a better solution than your original write-up, please feel free to do a revision. Any revision must be handed in no later than one week after the assignment’s original due date.  Be sure to turn in the original along with the revision.

** The page numbers refer to the numbers in the grey box at the extreme top left/right of the page. Note that the ‘original’ text page numbers are included lower down on the page and that these are different from the ‘custom’ text page numbers in the gray box area. Be aware that several of your assignment questions refer to a page number where reference information is to be found; in these cases the page numbers are the ‘original’ text page numbers, not the custom numbers.