University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Art Department

2006 Pacific States Biennial National Print Exhibition

Campus Center Gallery, University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hilo, Hawaii, Feburary-April 2006

The Art Department of the University of Hawaii at Hilo, the Campus Center Gallery, and the Student Activities Council present the 2006 Pacific States Biennial National Print Exhibition (PSBN) currently on view in the third floor galleries of the Campus Center.

The biennial exhibition has been presented at the University of Hawaii at Hilo since 1982. The 2006 exhibition features 50 pieces from 43 artists from throughout the United States. Work in the exhibition was selected from more than three hundred entries by 162 artists from 40 states, American Samoa, and New Zealand. The work includes different types and combinations of printmaking media: intaglio, lithography, relief, serigraphy, monoprints, monotypes, and digital imagery.

The exhibition was juried by noted American artist John T. Scott of New Orleans, Louisiana. John T. Scott is a sculptor/printmaker and is Professor of Fine Arts at Xavier University. Professor Scott has executed public sculptures in Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Kansas City, New Orleans, Nashville, and Dallas. He participated on a panel at the French Senate in Paris and has been a visiting artist at major universities in the United States. He was awarded a John D. and Katherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in 1992.

Juror's Awards were presented to Michael Barnes, Dekalb, Illinois for A Day in the Sun, a lithograph; Mathew Egan, Greenville, North Carolina for Pier Leone Ghezzi, color lithography; and Anne Irons, Honolulu, Hawaii for her color monoprint, Graphic Transit. The Purchase Award from Graphic Chemical and Ink Company of Villa Park, Illinois was presented to Anne Irons for her monoprint, Graphic Transit. Irons work will be included in the permanent collection of the Graphic Chemical and Ink Company.

Fantastic Pursuit #1, a lithographic monotype by Lee Gough, Brooklyn, New York; Recount, a mixed media work by Kathleen O'Connell, Madison, Wisconsin; Muzzle, a multi-color relief print by Kathleen Chauvin, Denton, Texas; and Shiro Flat, a color intaglio print by Koichi Yamamoto, Logan, Utah received PSBN exhibition purchase awards. The work will be included in the permanent collection of the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

The PSBN Print Exhibition and the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo would like to thank John Scott and the participating artists whose support and participation have made this exhibition possible.

Juror's Awards

Juror's Statement

This was an interesting body of images to jury because of the variety of work submitted. The majority of the works were traditional in process though not necessarily in content or subject matter. I found the respect for traditional printmaking refreshing, even though this strong sense of tradition was there in process, I did not find it limiting in terms of the works content. Another stimulating point was that so many artists had a strong understanding of the language of drawing demonstrated in their works. Where the works were experimental, I sensed that they were not experimental for the sake of novelty, but for the expansion of creative expression and idea clarity. Of the three hundred and fifty works submitted I selected the fifty works that I felt strongest in terms of content, form and execution. A couple of the works I had seen before but felt that they should be included because of their quality, yet I also feel these artists should move on in order for their ideas not to begin to imitate themselves.

I wish to congratulate the artists that were chosen and encourage those who were not to continue developing their ideas, for this exhibit represents the visual opinion of only one person. Though my ideas concerning the creative visual language is based on many years in the field, it is still a subjective opinion and not meant to discourage anyone to give up the creative spirit. Good luck to each of you in your future undertakings.

--John T. Scott


Purchase Awards

PSBN Purchase Awards

Graphic Chemical and Ink Company Purchase Award

2006 Pacific States Biennial National Print Exhibition

Tom Baker (Port Monmouth, NJ)
To My Way of ThinkingRelief7 x 9"
Michael Barnes (Dekalb, IL)
The DialogueLithograph14 x 10"
A Day in the SunLithograph14 x 10"
Curtis Bartone (Savannah, GA)
Marsh ViewEtching8 x 10"
Tonia Bonnell (Denver, CO)
Syncopated MovementsEngraving, etching, chine collé12 x 18"
Deborah Bryan (Johnson City, TN)
Dress UpIntaglio24 x 18"
Nancy Campbell (Amherst, MA)
JihenScreenprint18 x 29"
Catherine Chauvin (Denton, TX)
MuzzleWoodcut24 x 30"
Nicholas Conbere (Minneapolis, MN)
Mile 114Lithograph34 x 18"
Eric Easthon (Tuscon, AZ)
A Home until It's NotIntaglio17 x 28.5"
Matthew Egan (Greenville, NC)
SurvaillanceColor etching24 x 18"
Pier Leone GhezziColor lithograph20 x 16"
Jan Erikson (Ouray, CO)
Red No. 5Solar plate etching6 x 8.75"
Eduardo Fausti (New York, NY)
Atlas II-MaizeAquatint28 x 23"
Richard Finch (Bloomington, IL)
Sacred And Profane IILithography12 x 18"
Stephen Fisher (Warren, RI)
MenagerieEtching, engraving14 x 15"
Imperial Walkers (Remap)Etching, engraving14 x 15"
Linda Frost (Santa Monica, CA)
Lateral VisionGiclee print18 x 36"
Eric Goldberg (Mansfield, CT)
The Day Before TomorrowEtching, aquatint24 x 16"
Lee Gough (Brooklyn, NY)
Fantastic Pursuit #1Lithographic monotype12 x 8.75"
Alex Grande IV (Perkasie, PA)
UnderneathWoodcut, multi-block print17 x 13"
Brandon Gunn (Bloomington, IL)
BoundMezzotint, etching8 x 8"
Yuji Hiratsuka (Covallis, OR)
CropsIntaglio, chine collé24 x 18"
Autumn TintsIntaglio, chine collé24 x 18"
Sandria Hu (Kemah, TX)
Veracruz 2004Chine collé, solar plate etching14 x 24"
Anne Irons (Honolulu, HI)
BackroadsMonoprint22 x 15"
Graphic TransitMonoprint22 x 15"
Jayne Reid Jackson (Madison, WI)
VinesEtching, drypoint, aquatint, soft ground12 x 15"
Anna Johnston-Schuster (Garden Grove, CA)
The War ProtesterWoodcut24 x 24"
Kathryn Kain (San Fransisco, CA)
FruitageDrawing, monotype22 x 30"
Eunkang Koh (Long Beach, CA)
LifeLithography, watercolor29 x 40"
Shaurya Kumar (Knoxville, TN)
UntitledEtching (viscosity)5 x 24"
Kathleen O'Connell (Madison, WI)
RecountCollograph, relief13.75 x 9.75"
Suzanne Olmsted (Oakland, CA)
Submariner4 plate polygravure10 x 8"
Chris Papa (Vashon, WA)
MessengerWoodcut5.5 x 6"
XXX CowWoodcut6 x 12.5"
Dwight Pogue (Hatfield, MA)
Orchids of MexicoLithograph22 x 30"
Boyd Saunders (Chapin, SC)
September Folly/AtlanticEtching18 x 24"
Meredith Setser (Madison, WI)
FungalLithograph, intaglio20.5 x 35"
WebrilLithograph, intaglio21 x 35"
Nancy Stein (Point Reyes, CA)
Wave #36 PacificEtching
Taiko Suzuki (Seattle, WA)
Ghiordes Series IVWoodcut, ichimonji bokashi38 x 28"
James Todd (Missoula, MT)
War ZonesWood engraving13 x 30"
Noriho Uriu (Irvine, CA)
Hope for Peace #1Intaglio24 x 18"
Erick Waterkotle (Bloomington, IL)
Soft SequencesEtching, relief, lithograph, silkscreen, chine collé, varnish22 x 30"
Art Werger (Athens, OH)
Floating (Right)Etching36 x 24"
Sarah Whorf (Eureka, CA)
Carnival MitosisLinocut12 x 12"
Koichi Yamamoto (Logan, UT)
Shiro FlatIntaglio20 x 24"
Ross Zirkle (Lexington, KY)
Anatomy of a Green ManWaterless lithography15 x 19"
Poetic RecallWaterless lithography30 x 20"

Exhibition Location

The Campus Center Gallery is located on the third floor of the Campus Center at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. The Art Department Gallery is in Building 395, Manono Campus. An exhibition program will be available at the Campus Center information desk or through the Art Department. For more information regarding the exhibition, please contact the Art Department at 974-7524.

The exhibition opened February 1, 2006 and was on display until mid-April, 2006. For additional information, please contact Professor Michael Marshall, Gallery Committee Chair at 808.974.7524 or via email at