University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Art Department

2005 International Invitational Works on Paper Exhibition

Campus Center Gallery, University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, Hilo, Hawaiʻi, October 2005-January 2006

Each fall the invitational exhibition at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo is presented to establish a forum of contemporary art from a national or international perspective. The exhibition is a visual resource for art students, the university community, and Hawaiʻi island.

The 2005 exhibition features seven artists residing in Japan, Canada, and the United States. The artists, Gene Chu, Dorothy Faison, Rosalyn Richards, Francisco Souto, Elizabeth Stuck, Kodou Tadataka, and Raine Vasquez represent broad geographic and cultural backgrounds.

Featured Artists

Gene Chu

The Cloud
The Cloud
by Gene Chu

Gene Chu was born in Kwongtong, China in 1936 and became a Canadian citizen in 1952. Chu pursued his graduate studies at Claremont Graduate School in California. In 1996, after teaching for more than 45 years in the U.S. and Canada, he retired from the faculty at the University of Guelph. Chu is an artist who specializes in printmaking. He works primarily in lithography. Chu has presented his work in numerous international solo and group exhibitions in Canada and the United States and throughout countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. During 2005, Chu received a Graphic Chemical and Ink Company (Illinois) Purchase Award in the Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition.

Gene Chu (Markham, Ontario, Canada)
Dark World IIViscosity Color Lithography10 x 15"
Dark World ILithography10 x 15"
The Silent Earth IIILithography20 x 31.5"
No Man's LandLithography32 x 20"
DesolationLithography20 x 32"
The CloudLithography20 x 28"

Dorothy Faison

odium aestheticum (10 ...
odium aestheticum (10 minutes)/rivalry among artists
by Dorothy Faison

Dorothy Faison is a painter who resides and works in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. She has also lived in the continental U.S., Central America, South America, Europe, and Japan. Her work has received many major awards including an National Endowment for the Arts Regional Fellowship and a Hawaiʻi State Foundation on Culture and the Arts Fellowship. She has presented her work in Hawaiʻi, the continental U.S., Asia, South America, and Europe. In Honolulu, her work can be viewed in the collections of the Hawaiʻi State Museum, the Honolulu Academy of Arts, the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, and the Hawaiʻi State Foundation.

Dorothy Faison (Kailua, Hawaii)
ad utrumque paratusCharcoal, watercolor, LithoCoal22 x 30
componere lites (BL6900 Maruyama)/to settle disputesCharcoal, LithoCoal, watercolor26.5 x 38.25"
ex delicto/matter arising out of the crimeCharcoal, LithoCoal, mixed materials28 x 39.5"
exempla sunt odiosa/examples are odiousCharcoal, watercolor, LithoCoal22 x 30"
odium aestheticum (10 minutes)/rivalry among artistsLithoCoal, charcoal, watercolor, mixed materials22 x 30"
solve et coagulaCharcoal, LithoCoal, watercolor26.75 x 38.5"
sub specie aeternitatis/under the aspect of eternityWatercolor, charcoal, LithoCoal28 x 39.5"

Rosalyn Richards

Almost Identical
Almost Identical
by Rosalyn Richards

Rosalyn Richards is an art professor at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania where she has taught since 1982. She has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and in New Delhi, India and in Auckland, New Zealand; her work is in major museum collections including among many others, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Grunwald Center for Graphic Arts at UCLA, Yale University Art Gallery, the Portland Art Museum, Oregon, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Rosalyn Richards (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania)
CorrelationsEtching12 x 15"
HarmonicsEtching11.75 x 14.75"
PortalEtching11.75 x 8"
UnderlightEtching/Chine Colle7.5 x 5.5"
Almost IdenticalEtching/Chine Colle10.5 x 7"
Past LightEtching/Chine Colle9.75 x 7.75"
Vapor TrailsEtching10.5 x 7"
FlameEtching10.75 x 7.25"

Francisco Souto

Estudio de superficies I
Estudio de superficies I
by Francisco Souto

Francisco Souto was born in Venezuela and received his BFA from the Herron School of Art in 2000 and his MFA from Ohio State University in 2002. He has participated in many national and international exhibitions throughout the United States, Venezuela, Russia, Egypt, and Japan. Souto has taught at East Carolina University (North Carolina) and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Francisco Souto (Lincoln, Nebraska)
After Uno y el Universo N IIMezzotint6 x 5"
Uno y el Universo N IIMezzotint, lithography, silkscreen12 x 14"
Estudio de superficies IMezzotint9 x 12"
SettlingMezzotint12 x 15"
Ă„natomical study N. IIIMezzotint, intaglio22 x 30"

Elizabeth Stuck

Unaware of Her Past
Unaware of Her Past
by Elizabeth Stuck

Elizabeth Stuck received her MFA from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1997. She has exhibited her work in national and international exhibitions and her work is included in major collections in the U.S. and abroad. She has taught at the State University of New York in Buffalo, the University at Tennessee, and at West Virginia University. She currently teaches at the Community College of Southern Nevada and is Program Manager for the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas. She received a Purchase Award from the 2004 Pacific States Biennial National Print Exhibition at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

Elizabeth Stuck (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Impenitent is a Harsh WordSerigraph, chine colle, stamp30 x 22"
Unaware of Her PastIntaglio, pronto plate, stamp6 x 4"
Mary Crow DogLithograph, intaglio, chin colle, relief22 x 15"
Dusty DressLithograph, intaglio, chin colle15 x 22"
MartyrSerigraph, chine colle, stamp30 x 22"

Kudou Tadataka

by Kudou Tadataka

Kudou Tadataka was born in Japan in 1941 and he resides in Kanagawa-ken, Japan. He has exhibited his work throughout Japan, in the Republic of China, Korea, in the United States, and throughout Europe. Tadataka’s work has received major awards in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Tadataka received a purchase award in the 2005 Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition at the University of Hawaiʻi.

Kudou Tadataka (Kanagawa, Japan)
Memory TownWoodcut, stencil51 x 71 cm.
Time-1Woodcut, stencil70 x 50.5 cm.
Origin of Dream 3-1Woodcut, stencil72 x 52 cm.
Blue Sky 4-1Woodcut, stencil70 x 50 cm.
Blue Sky 5-1Woodcut, stencil70 x 50 cm.
Town 05-1Woodcut, stencil60 x 41 cm.

Raine Vasquez

Theory of Flight: Stasis
Theory of Flight: Stasis
by Raine Vasquez

Raine Vasquez was born and raised Hilo. He moved to California with his family as a high school student. He is currently an undergraduate student at the Herron School of Art at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, Indiana and has studied and worked with a number of notable American printmakers across the United States in seminars and workshops. He has received awards for his work from the College of the Sequoias, California and the Herron School of Art. During 2005, Vasquez received a Purchase Award from the Pacific Rim International Print Exhibition.

Raine Vasquez (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Spatial Relevance: Contrived StasisMezzotint, lithograph, chine colle20 x 15"
Theory of Flight: Spacial RelevanceMezzotint, lithograph, chine colle20 x 14"
Theory of Flight: StasisLithograph, monotype, prisma color, mixed media20.5 x 20"

Exhibition Location

The Campus Center Gallery is located on the third floor of the Campus Center at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. The Art Department Gallery is in Building 395, Manono Campus. An exhibition program will be available at the Campus Center information desk or through the Art Department. For more information regarding the exhibition, please contact the Art Department at 974-7524.