Faculty & Visiting Artists - UH Hilo Art Department

Michael Marshall: Untitled F11#52, 2011, monoprint Kenneth Kerslake: x, x, x Lee Chesney: x, x, x

UH Hilo Art Faculty

Visiting Artists


  • Tomei Arai, Printmaker, NYC
  • Lee Chesney, Printmaking, UH Manoa, Emeritus
  • Sam Coronado, Printmaking, Austin, TX
  • Eileen Foti, Printmaking, Center for Innovative Printmaking, Rutgers University
  • Ken Kerslake, Printmaking, University of Florida, Emeritus
  • James Koga, Printmaking, Honolulu Academy of Arts
  • Hugh Merrill, Printmaking, Kansas City Art Institute
  • George Miyasaki, Printmaking, University of California, Berkeley
  • Althea Murphy-Price, Printmaker, University Tenessee, Knoxville, TN
  • Roy Nydorf, Printmaking, Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Margaret Prentice, Printmaking, University of Oregon
  • Margo Ray, Printmaker, Painter, Book Artist, Hawaiʻi
  • Krishna Reddy, Printmaking, NYU
  • Cathryn Shine, Photography/Printmaking, University of Canterbury, Christshurch, New Zealand


  • Tzu-Lung Chang, Sculptor, Taipei National University of the Arts
  • Richard Hunt, Sculptor, Chicago, IL
  • Gwynn Murrill, Sculpture, Los Angeles
  • Albert Paley, Sculptor, Rochester, NY
  • George Trakas, Sculpture, Yale University


  • Dewey Crumpler, Painting, San Francisco Art Institute
  • Chris Churchill, Franklin Parrasch Gallery, NYC
  • Charles Yuen, Painter, NYC
  • Charles Garabedian, Painting, Los Angeles
  • George Longfish, Painting, University of California at Davis
  • Howardena Pindell, Painting/Printmaking, SUNY at Stonybrook
  • Oliver Jackson, Painting, California State, Sacramento

Film and Performing Arts

  • Thomas Alan Harris, Filmmaker, New York, NY
  • Paul Carter Harrison, American Playwright
  • BarbaraO, Actress (Yellow Mary) Daughters of the Dust
  • Carlos Villa, Artist/Community Activist, San Francisco Art Institute
  • Quincy Troupe, Poet,Writer, Performance Artist, New York, NY
  • Kelvyn Bell, Musician, NYC

Mixed Media and Sculpture

  • Mildred Howard, Mixed Media Installation
  • Sally Lundburg, Mixed Media, Video, Film, and Installation, Hawaiʻi
  • Zarina Hashmi, Papermaking, Sculpture, and Printmaking, NYC
  • Scott Yoell, Traditional and Electronic Media, Hawaiʻi


  • Whitfield Lovell, Drawing and Installation, New York, NY
  • Kaori Ukaji, Drawing, Hawaiʻi
  • Joan Snyder, Brooklyn, NY