Returning students

We're glad you're returning to UH Hilo. Whether your time away was long or short, things can sometimes feel unfamiliar or confusing on your return. UH Hilo offers help and resources on any issues and questions you may have upon your return.

To begin with, have a browse through the page below for simple and understandable FAQs, Tips for success, and other great resources you might find useful.

The basics

I am a returning student to UH-Hilo. How do I meet with an advisor?

Returning students coming back to the same major will be assigned to the advisor they had before leaving UH Hilo the first time.

If you have changed your major since then, you will be assigned a new advisor by the end of the 3rd week of instruction of your returning semester. Prior to being assigned a new advisor, returning students can speak to an advisor at the Advising Center.

Returning to UH Hilo can feel different the second time around. The Advising Center is here to help make this transition as seamless as possible. You can schedule an appointment with the Advising Center by calling (808) 932-7776 or email, or simply scroll down to request to Book your Appointment.  

How can I tell where I stand, and how much longer I have to go to receive a bachelor’s degree?

STAR is a great tool for finding out where you stand.

In STAR, you can determine how your previously earned UHH credits (along with other transfer credits you may have completed elsewhere) flow into the new catalog year you reentered UH Hilo.

You'll also see how many General Education, Integrative, and Major requirement courses you have already fulfilled, and how many more you have yet to complete.

You may also contact the Advising Center (that's us!) if you have questions about what you see in STAR.

Am I eligible to graduate using the catalog requirements when I entered UH Hilo the first time?

Yes, but only if it hasn’t been more than a one semester break between leaving UH Hilo and/or the University of Hawaii system, and returning.

More often though, students usually return with more than a one semester break, and therefore will be directed to complete the most current requirements in place. There are ways in which to petition to follow previous requirements, but these are requested on a case by case basis.

Speak to an Advisor to see what is the most appropriate recommendation for your individual situation. 

Am I still eligible to qualify for financial aid as a returning student?

You may still be eligible to qualify for financial aid but sometimes it can be tricky having to deal with credits and a timeline. It is highly recommended that you contact the Financial Aid office at 932-7449 and speak to counselor as soon as possible to determine what can be done. 

Do the credits that I completed before returning, still count?

For the most part, yes. Credits that you have taken in the past still remain with you and will still count towards your degree. What you may find is course numberings have changed. For example when you took the course it was labeled as COM 130 but has now changed to COM 150. You will still receive the credit for that class. Specific majors sometimes have time frames in which courses need to be completed, but this is more an exception than the rule.

Tips for success

No. 1

Connect or reconnect with your Advisor in your major

No. 2

If you took classes somewhere before returning to UH Hilo, be sure that they are in your UH Hilo transcript

No. 3

Make sure you understand the Financial Aid implications of your academic decisions

No. 4

Join any student organization affiliated with your interests and/or academic major

No. 5

Always check and read your email