Incoming freshmen

Your freshman year at UH Hilo is quite possibly the most important year of university. It's a time of self-discovery, developing one's independence, making new friends, and creating a whole lot of new memories. Your freshman year is a foundation for future success in your personal and academic pursuits.

Want a head start? Have a browse through the page below for simple and understandable FAQs, Tips for success, and other great resources you might find useful.

The basics

Do I need to take placement assessments?

Students wanting to take certain math or chemistry courses are required to take a placement assessment. Some students may also need to take assessments to determine their placement in English courses.

Wondering if you need to take an assessment? Visit the Placement Assessments page to find out more.

How do I register for courses?

Courses are registered through STAR- GPS which also shows you a pathway to graduate in 4 years. STAR- GPS is also recommended by the professors in your major. It is a way to insure that you are enrolling in courses you need in your major and to graduate in a timely manner.  Once your schedule is completed, you can see what classes you have been placed in by referring to your STAR degree program.

For a tutorial on how to register, please follow this link here

Find out more about GPS Registration

Can I drop or add a class?

Yes, however as an incoming freshman you wil first be registering through GPS Registration system to insure you will be enrolling in courses that you need.  If you want to make changes, it is suggested to speak to an advisor to get some guidance and insight on what those classes may be.

See your STAR for who your advisor is, or refer to About us page.

Why is there a hold on my account?

There are several different reasons why a hold could be put on your account.

Most new student holds placed on your account if you have to do with immunizations (TB/MMR),  financial aid, and/or Admissions.

Log in to your MyUH Portal and click on to view holds to see if you have any holds on your account. To address these holds, a phone number of the office that has placed the hold on your account will be present.

What if I change my mind about my major?

That's perfectly okay! Students change their majors all the time. Before doing so however, you may want to meet with an advisor at the Advising Center.

These Advisors are trained to help students find the right major for them. Prior to meeting with them, you may want to do some exploring of majors on your own. If you already know what major you want to change to, it is still suggested that you make the time to speak to an advisor.

Tips for success

No. 1

Attend every class!

No. 2

Do your assignments & go to class prepared

No. 3

Get to know your professors.
Remember, they are human too.

No. 4

Meet people in your classes.  Forming good connections with others can greatly enghance the learning experience.

No. 5

'Eleu in the Hawaiian Language means to be alert or fully engaged with what is going on around you.  Remember important things.  Prepare, Be 'eleu.

No. 6

Regularly check your email.  You may miss something very important by not doing so.