Faculty advisors

Good faculty advisors are crucial to the success of students in their majors. Think you have what it takes to make a difference? We think so too! 

Have a browse through the page below for simple and understandable FAQs, Tips for success, and other great resources you might find useful. Also check out the Events section for the next advising event you might like to assist with. 

Advising matters

The voices of experience

Kerri Inglis

I enjoy meeting with students one-on-one, not only to advise them on their course choices within the history major, but also as an opportunity to get to know them a little better as we discuss their long-term educational goals and aspirations – and just to 'talk story' for a bit!

Sherise Moniz

Psychology Student
Advising helps students in making wise choices when it comes to their education. It also has the potential to provide the students with a feeling of acceptance, belonging – as if their education matters.

Kekoa Harman

Hawaiian Studies
It is important to know, and seek out the necessary resources, in order to effectively help students navigate their academic journey. Advisors are just one of those important resources at UH Hilo to utilize so that students can be sure that they are on the right path to accomplishing what they set out to do.

Questions from advisors

Why do we advise students?

Academic advising is an important responsibility of all full-time faculty.

As a teacher and advisor, you play a key role in the kind of experiences students have here at UH Hilo. By providing good advising, you have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of students’ futures. 

What is STAR and how do I sign up as an advisor?

STAR for Advisors (only available from campus) is an online advising system integrated with Banner, the university's student information system. STAR makes advising accurate, easy, and useful for both students and their advisors.

Just follow the simple instructions to access to STAR for Advisors.

Where do I find my list of advisees assigned to me?

Students without a declared major are advised by the Advising Center. Every student who has a declared major is assigned a faculty advisor in the major department. To find your advisees, log in to MyUH, under Faculty Services, is a link to Advisee Lists. 

What basic knowledge must I have to advise students?

At minimum, it is important to at least know the components of what is required to graduate from UH Hilo in the discipline you are enrolled in. Professional development opportunties to learn more about your advising role is provided by the Advising Center staff.  You can also call them when you have advising related questions.  It's an important role to develop as a faculty member of UH Hilo.  

Who can I call or refer a student to for assistance in regards to advising questions?

As much as possible, work with the student to the extent you are comfortable. You can always contact the Advising Center if you have specific questions when working through a student advising situation. Often times, students’ concerns can be addressed by a short consultation with the Advising Center. Call 932-7776 or email uhhadvis@hawaii.edu.

Tips from advisors

No. 1

Learn what is required for a student to graduate
with a Bachelor’s degree in your major(s).

No. 2

Learn how to use STAR for Advisors.

No. 3

Promote the importance of advising in your classes. Put this statement in your syllabus each semester.

No. 4

Share with students the applied learning, internship, research, and career connections to your major(s).

No. 5

Do your best to be accessible and available to students. Acknowledge that you are here to help them
where you can.

No. 6

Request and attend advisor training
opportunities whenever possible.

Advising events

Make a Major Connection

To be announced
Times vary
Various Locations
Advising new freshman and transfer students as group that will be starting in Fall 2017 semester. Often their first connection with someone in the student's intended major.