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October 2022 Stall Talk

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October Stall Talk by UH Hilo Student Health and Wellness Programs

'Ōlelo No'eau

E lawe i ke aʻo a mālama, a e ʻoi mau ka naʻauao.
Take what you have learned and apply it and your wisdom will increase. (Pukui, #328)

Pehea ke kūlana o kou na'au? What is your weather like inside right now?

Beloved kūpuna Aunty Puanani Burgess does an activity called "Weatherball" where she asks participants to use the weather as a metaphor to describe how they're feeling inside right now.

I ka nānā no a 'ike. By observing, one learns.

Kilo means to watch closely, observe, examine or forecast. It is a Hawaiian practice of deep, sustained observation of place, weather patterns, and one's environment. It is used to describe the action of observing or a person who is an expert of the kilo practice.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) refers to our ability to be aware of, regulate, and express our emotions and to understand, and respond skillfully, to the emotions of others. EQ is not something that everyone naturally has, but it can be learned and nourished. Regulating emotions, especially big, difficult emotions, takes care and practice. Expressing emotions increases feelings of connectedness with others leading to healthier and happier relationships, reduces stress, and so much more.

Using kilo daily to observe both your internal and external weather patterns can help build overall well-being and increase your EQ.

Practice Weatherball

Hold a small squeezable ball, "the Weatherball", in your hand. Take three deep breaths and feel your emotions. Ponder the question, "How does my weather feel inside right now?".

Being as descriptive as possible, describe to your friend, how your weather feels inside right now. Now pass the ball to your friend and let them do the same. Practice active listening skills when being the listener.

Crisis Resources & Support

  • UH Hilo Security, (808) 974-7911
  • 24 hr Crisis Line OF Hawaii, 1-800-753-6879
  • Crisis Text Line, Text "ALOHA" TO 741741
  • National Suicide Prevention LIFEline, Call or Text 988
  • YWCA Hawaii Island Sexual Assault Hotline, 808-935-0677

Confidential Services

  • UH Hilo Counseling Services, (808) 932-7465, SSC E-203
  • Student Medical Services, (808) 932-7369, CC 212
  • Kekai Lindsey , Title IX Confidential Advocate, (808) 932-7958

In an Emergency, Call 911

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