Student Health and Wellness Programs

May 2021 Stall Talk

Student Health and Wellness Programs Stall Talk: Mental Health Month

Ka waihona o ka na'auao.

The repository of learning. Said in admiration of a learned person.

'Ōlelo No'eau 1650

It is estimated that nearly 1 in 4 American will experience mental health concerns in their life.

What is the stigma surroundingMental Health? The FALSE belief that those with mental disorders are strange and unequal/inferior. The FALSE belief that mental and behavioral disorders are personally controllable and if individuals cannot get better on their own, they are seen to lack personal effort.

Stigma leads to the reluctance of seeking treatment. Educate yourself on mental health issues; separate the facts from the stigmas. Speak out against the stigma and stand up for those being discriminated against or marginalized.

Summer tips to boost your mental health & wellness:

  • Track gratitude and achievement with a journal
  • Be a tourist in your own town
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Do you best to enjoy 15 minutes of sunshine & 30 minutes of daily exercise
  • Identify coping skills that work for you
  • Set a routine for yourself
  • Create positive affirmations and utilize it to practice being the best version of yourself.

Counseling Services will be open during summer break.

  • Monday-Friday 7:45 am - 4:30 pm
  • Online and Face to Face counseling
  • Free individual, group, and couples counseling
  • Walk-in Wednesdays (no appointment needed)
  • Wednesdays 1-4 pm (30 minute sessions)
  • Mental Health Check-in's by phone
  • Faculty & Staff Consultation

In an emergency, call 911

  • UH Hilo Counseling Services (808) 932-7465 Student Services Center E-203 7:45 am to 4:30 pm
  • Student Medical Services (808) 932-7369 Campus Center 212
  • UH Hilo Confidential Advocate, Kekai Lindsey (808) 932-7958
  • UH Hilo Security (808) 974-7911

  • Crisis Resources and Support

  • Crisis Line of Hawaii (24-hour, 7 days a week) 1-(800) 753-6879
  • Crisis Text Line Text "ALOHA" to 741741
  • YWCA 24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline: (808) 935-0677 May Stall Talk