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Self-Care Tips

How to Manage Stress

  • Self-care means taking time to do things you enjoy. Usually, self-care involves everyday activities that you find relaxing, fun, or energizing. These activities could be as simple as reading a book.
  • Self-care also means taking care of yourself. This means eating regular meals, getting enough sleep, caring for personal hygiene, and anything else that maintains good health.
  • Set specific self-care goals. It’s difficult to follow through with vague goals, such as “I will take more time for self-care.” Instead, try something specific, such as “I will walk for 30 minutes every evening after class.”
  • Unhealthy activities don’t count as self-care. Substance use, over-eating, binge watching Netflix, and other unhealthy behaviors might hide uncomfortable emotions temporarily, but they cause more problems in the long run.
  • Make self-care a priority. There will always be other things to do, but don’t let these interrupt the time you set aside for self-care. Self-care should be given the same importance as other responsibilities.
  • Make self-care a habit. Just like eating one apple doesn’t eliminate health problems, using self-care just once won’t have much effect on reducing stress. Choose activities that you can do often, and that you will stick with.
  • Set boundaries to protect your self-care. You don’t need a major obligation to say “no” to others—your self-care is reason enough. Remind yourself that your needs are as important as anyone else’s.
  • A few minutes of self-care is better than no self-care. Set an alarm reminding you to take regular breaks, even if it’s just a walk around the block, or an uninterrupted snack. Oftentimes, stepping away will energize you to work more efficiently when you return.
  • Keep up with self-care, even when you’re feeling good. Doing so will keep you in a healthy routine. Plus, self-care might be part of the reason why you’re feeling good!

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Crisis Resources & Support

  • UH Hilo Security, (808) 974-7911
  • 24 hr Crisis Line OF Hawaii, 1-800-753-6879
  • Crisis Text Line, Text "ALOHA" TO 741741
  • National Suicide Prevention LIFEline, Call or Text 988
  • YWCA Hawaii Island Sexual Assault Hotline, 808-935-0677

Confidential Services

  • UH Hilo Counseling Services, (808) 932-7465, SSC E-203
  • Student Medical Services, (808) 932-7369, CC 212
  • Kekai Lindsey , Title IX Confidential Advocate, (808) 932-7958

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