Wellness News

Issue 15, November 30, 2020

Wellness News

Bi-Weekly Newsletter Presented By Student Health & Wellness Programs

'Tis the Season for Self-Care
Who are we kidding? It's always the season for self care! However, the holidays can be especially stressful. Now, more than ever, it's good to take time for yourself and relax so you can be at your best this holiday and beyond. Check out the latest Stall Talk for tips and events that will inspire you!

Let's Get Festive!
Join us for a creative Relaxation Station and take home a fun and unique ornament. Research shows that taking a break during studies can actually help you retain more information. Plus, what a great chance to talk story and share your family holiday traditions with others! Meet us at Campus Center 301 on Wednesday December 2nd from 11-1pm and get festive!

Here's to Healthy Holidays
Staying healthy during the holidays is usually a lot easier said than done. Everyone feels a little overwhelmed during the holiday season which can make it hard to stick to your healthy lifestyle and wellness goals. Check out this helpful article for ideas to help you navigate the holidays in a healthy way!

World AIDS Day
On December 1st, let's come together with the world to remember those we've lost due to HIV/AIDS, as well as all of the progress that's been made in the last year, including adapting testing and treatment procedures due to COVID-19. Our partners at HiHaf provide free HIV and STI screenings on the 2nd Monday of each month, including 12/7. Schedule an appointment today.

Check on Your Friends
You may have heard this before, that just because someone is strong doesn't mean they don't need help from time to time. But have you ever stopped to check in on that friend? You know, the one who never seeks support? Counseling Services offers some guidance on being that person who checks in. You can make a difference in someone's life.

Be Sure to Check In with Yourself, Too
ULifeline’s Self Evaluator can help you find out if a mental health issue such as depression could be impacting your thoughts, feelings or behaviors. Results are confidential, however, if you are concerned, please contact Counseling Services at (808) 932-7465 or email: uhhcouns@hawaii.edu.

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Information contained within this newsletter is for informational purposes only. Should you become distressed or feel the need for additional support, please reach out to Counseling Services (808) 932-7465 during normal business hours or the Lifeline number (800) 273-8255 after hours, on weekend or holidays.