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Newsletter #29

Wellness News #29 - 10/25/2021 Bi-weekly newsletter presented by student health & wellness programs

Happy Halloween! Here we are at mid-semester, mid-terms and research papers are in full swing. While it may feel more productive to keep moving, it's best to take a moment to breathe. Take time for yourself to unwind and find a bit of fun. It will surely recharge your batteries and enliven you for the last half of the semester!

Mahalo For Participating! The ACHA-NCHA Survey has concluded and the staff at Student Health & Wellness programs wants to extend our deepest mahalo for participating. Don't forget that you can swing by to pick up a gift for providing your insight into the health & well-being of our campus community! Contact Heather at: uhhcsout@hawaii.edu

I Am Grateful For… Showing gratitude not only lets someone know how much you appreciate them and all they do for you, it also provides you with reminders of the people and things that make life awesome. Take a moment each night (or morning) to think of at least one thing you are grateful for. I bet there will be more than one!

Organize Your Time Time management skills are needed now more than ever. Both in-person and online classes require a fair amount of task prioritization and organization to ensure goals are achieved. The team in CounselingServices offers a look at some ways to manage your time and get better control of your task lists. Take a moment, to gain more time in the end!

Thinking Of Drinking As we enter the last few months of the year, we are presented with a myriad of opportunities to celebrate. Be it a traditional holiday, graduation, or other momentous occasion, it's important to remember to take responsibility for our behavior, including alcohol and substance use. Check out our page to learn more. Be safe and help others stay safe as well.

Take A Mental Health Assessment Mindwise has a great collection of screenings available to the UH HiloCommunity. Sometimes, we may fall into habits we wouldn't have otherwise. A self-assessment can determine any areas that need special attention. Contact CounselingServices at (808) 932-7465 or:uhhcouns@hawaii.edu.

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Information contained within this newsletter is for informational purposes only. Should you become distressed or feel the need for additional support, please reach out to Counseling Services (808) 932-7465 during normal business hours or the Lifeline number (800) 273-8255 after hours, on weekends or holidays.

UH Hilo is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Institution.

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