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Newsletter #25

Wellness News #25 - 8/30/2021 Bi-weekly newsletter presented by student health & wellness programs

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Na Kia'i O Ke Ola Guardians of Life Suicide Prevention Program invites you to take a moment this month to increase your awareness around the signs of distress in yourself and your loved ones. Life can be hard at times and it's important to know how we can support each other. Activities happening all month! See below for details.

Show Your Support Student Health & Wellness Programs is joining together with Guardians of Life to participate in the National Suicide Prevention Awareness day through sign making on Friday, September 10th from 11-1pm on the Library Lanai. Find your creativity, speak your voice, show your support for those impacted by suicide.

Find Balance One of the most important aspects of living a healthy life is finding balance within all of the responsibilities and expectations we and others put on us. The Lokahi Wheel is a wonderful way to find that balance in life. Through viewing each area as a separate, yet connected component, we can find balance. Join SHWP on Wednesday, September 15th to learn more.

Have Some Fun Join Student Health & Wellness Programs on Monday, September 27th for a fun and informative virtual scavenger hunt. You'll be tasked with finding all kinds of tips and ideas to help you learn to relieve stress, practice self-care, and to nurture yourself so that you can be the best version of you that is possible.

Help Is Here If you, or someone you know, are in distress and need to speak with someone, the team at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is always available and ready to help. Simply pick up the phone and dial the number. The person on the line is there to assist you with whatever you might be facing. Remember, you are not alone.

Question. Persuade. Refer. Another beneficial QPR training is coming up on Wednesday, September 8th from 10:30-1:30pm in STB 226. This training is an educational program designed to teach individuals the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to respond. Learning these three steps can help anyone learn to prevent suicide. Pre-registration is required. Check out the [Suicide Prevention](Na Kiʻai O Ke Ola Suicide Prevention Program) page for more details.

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Information contained within this newsletter is for informational purposes only. Should you become distressed or feel the need for additional support, please reach out to Counseling Services (808) 932-7465 during normal business hours or the Lifeline number (800) 273-8255 after hours, on weekends or holidays.

UH Hilo is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Institution.

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