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Wellness News #22

Wellness News #22 - 5/17/2021

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The Spring 2021 semester is now behind us! Congratulations to all of the graduates as well as those that have simply finished another semester. We, at Student Health & Wellness Programs, certainly hope it was a productive and successful step in your academic career. This issue intends to provide a few tips and helpful suggestions for making the best of your downtime this summer. Even if you are taking summer classes, here's to hoping you'll find a little time to unwind and relax. Enjoy!

Find Balance In Life

Traditionally a slower, simpler time filled with outdoor activities, family gatherings, and star-filled nights, summer now means many different things to different people. Some will engage in summer classes, or summer camps, and some will work extra hours at their regular jobs. However, no matter how you choose to spend the summer, be sure to balance activities throughout the various areas of life, so that no part of you gets overlooked, or overworked. For a bit of inspiration, and to learn more about finding balance, check out the Lōkahi Wheel and spend a moment thinking about your life balance.

Apps To Guide Your Wellness

Counseling Services at UH Hilo is here to support you no matter where you are. They've compiled this helpful list of Apps that can be downloaded to either Android or Apple phones to assist you along your wellness journey. Learn to sleep better, breathe more deeply, and be more mindful to become the best you possible!

Check In With Your Mental Health

ULifeline’s Self Evaluator can help you find out if a mental health issue such as depression could be impacting your thoughts, feelings or behaviors. Results are confidential, however, if you are concerned, please contact Counseling Services at (808) 932-7465 or email: uhhcouns@hawaii.edu.

Before You Go... A Little Help, Please

The team at Student Health & Wellness Programs is always looking for feedback to make our events and offerings the best they can be. And so, we need your help to understand how we did this semester. If you attended any of our events, let us know what you thought, and if you didn't, tell us why by taking this short survey. We would really appreciate any comments and suggestions you have. After all, we do this for you!

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Information contained within this newsletter is for informational purposes only. Should you become distressed or feel the need for additional support, please reach out to Counseling Services (808) 932-7465 during normal business hours or the Lifeline number (800) 273-8255 after hours, on weekend or holidays.