Wellness News

Issue 2, April 27, 2020

Bi-weekly newsletter presented by Student Health & Wellness Programs

Cloth Mask Recommendation
The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is recommending that everyone wear cloth face masks while in public spaces. They even have ideas for simple DIY masks.

New Counseling Services Webinars
The Counseling Services Interns are starting up a new Webinar series to help support you and promote resiliency during this stressful time. Join them each Wednesday at 11am and Friday at 2pm on Zoom to learn more. Zoom meeting information available via link. Hope to see you there!

Mindfulness with Michael
The popular Tuesday evening Mindfulness sessions are back! Michael will be hosting weekly sessions via Zoom. Learn ways to be more mindful in your everyday life to reduce stress and find peace. See the flyer for more details and for the meeting information.

Relaxation Idea
Think it’s difficult to make your own cloth mask? Not sew! Here’s an easy way to take a square piece of material and 2 rubber bands to make your own. Bonus: You get to choose your own material for a truly unique expression!

Inner Balance App
Learning to generate increased hear rhythm coherence, by experiencing positive emotions, not only benefits the entire body, but also affects how we perceive, think, feel, and perform. Using Inner Balance may help to reduce stress-induced wear tear on the nervous system, and increase mental clarity. Learn more today!

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Information contained within this newsletter is for informational purposes only. Should you become distressed or feel the need for additional support, please reach out to Counseling Services or the Lifeline number provided.

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Wellness News Issue 2, April 27, 2020