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s. A bundle of food (poi) done up for carrying; a pai-ai.

Wailau (wă'i-lă'u), n.

/ wă'i-lă'u / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. Name of a valley in Molokai famous for the size of its poi packs.

2. Extra large bundle of food (poi) done up for carrying; a pai-ai. Syn: Holoai nui.

Wailau (wā'i-lā'u):

/ wā'i-lā'u / Haw to Eng, Parker,

four hundred streams. Name applied to several localities.

1. Beach, surf site, Wailau, Molokaʻi. Boulder and black detrital sand beach on the shore of the largest of the six coastal valleys on Molokaʻi's north shore. Formerly the site of a fishing and commercial farming community that was abandoned by 1920. The tsunami of April 1, 1946, destroyed what remained

of the taro patches and the abandoned village. The surf site is off the east point of the bay. 2. Point, Heʻeia, Oʻahu. Small point in Kāneʻohe Bay that is the site of Laenani Neighborhood Park. Lit., many waters.

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