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1. n., Mouth, opening, inner surface of a bowl, open top of a canoe, muzzle of a gun, oral, one who talks too much (see ex., hewa #4).

  • Examples:
    • Ma ka waha, oral.
    • Waha nui, waha kani, garrulous.
    • Kā i ka waha, smite the speaker [said disparagingly of one who does himself what he has condemned others for doing].
    • Mai lawe mai i kāna ʻuala, he waha, don't bring his sweet potato, [he] talks too much.
  • References:

2. n., Neck of a dress.

  • Examples:
    • Muʻumuʻu waha nui, gown (muʻumuʻu) with a low neck

3. nvt., To carry on the back, as a child; a load so carried.

  • References:
    • PPM fafa, PCP wafa.

4. n., Square notch cut in the upper part of house posts, in which the wall plates (lohelau) were placed; tenon.

  • References:
    • For. 5:651.

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