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v. To scatter; to blow away, as small particles of some substance.

2. To make fine or small as dust.

3. To sit on eggs; to brood, as a hen.

adj. Made fine; scattered; blown away.

2. Hard, as food; tough to eat.

3. Dry and mealy or hard, as a potato that is cooked.

4. Weary, lame or sore, as with walking or lying.

Punapuna (pū'-nă-pū'-na), adj.

/ pū'-nă-pū'-na / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. comminuted; scattered; blown away.

2. Dry and mealy.

Punapuna (pū'-nă-pū'-na), v.

/ pū'-nă-pū'-na / Haw to Eng, Parker,

To be made fine; to be pulverized, as dust.

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