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1. n. One's child's parents-in-law or aunts and uncles by marriage; kāne, male, and wahine, female, may follow. Kona puluna kāne, his child's father-in-law (in Hawaiian sense of father, which includes uncle, foster father). Kona puluna wahine, his child's mother-in-law (in Hawaiian sense of mother, which includes aunt, foster mother). Inoa puluna, one's child's aunts and uncles by marriage. (The term puluna is used by the child's parents.)

2. n. Prune. Eng.

s. The relationship that exists between the parents of a man and the parents of his wife; or the relation of the parents of married parties to each other.

Puluna (pū'-lū'-na), n.

/ pū'-lū'-na / Haw to Eng, Parker,

The relation of the parents of married persons to each other.

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