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1. nvi. Particle, as dust; particle in the eye, mote, speck; to have something in the eye. Cf. pulakaumaka. E ʻau mālie i ke kai papaʻu, o pakī ka wai ā pula ka maka, swim quietly in a shallow sea, lest it splash into the eye (be careful!]. (PCP pula.)

2. n. Leafy branch, as of coconut, pandanus, or ʻilima, used as a broom to drive fish into a net and to poke into reef crevices in order to frighten out the fish.

3. nvt. Kindling; to start a fire with kindling.

4. n. A fish, perhaps Pempheris mangula.

5. Also pura n. Pur (see M. S. Miller and J. L. Miller, Harper's Bible Dictionary). (Eset. 3.7.)

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