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1. vs. Fine, as stitches or mesh; small, dainty, close together.

2. (Cap.) n. General name for supernatural dog after the time of Ka-mehameha I, said to have been taken from the name of Ka-mehameha's favorite dog, Boss (Eng.), which was deified and worshipped; name of a supernatural dog on Kauaʻi, said to have owned land at Lāwaʻi and Wahi-awa (Beckwith, 1970, p. 573). According to some, any supernatural animal.

3. See hale poki.

4. Also bosi boss. Eng.

5. n. Boat. Eng. Ipu poki, oval dish. Huelopoki, whaleboat.

s. The name of a worm which destroys vegetables.

2. A standing or setting close together, as a crowd of people.

v. To stand or sit thick together, as people crowded.

2. To be united so as not to be separated.

Poki (pō'-ki), n.

/ pō'-ki / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. The cut worm.

2. A standing or sitting close together, as a crowd of people.

Poki (pō'-ki), v.

/ pō'-ki / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. To stand or sit close together, as people crowded.

2. To be united indivisibly, inseparably.

Street near the Puna-hou School campus, Honolulu, probably named for Boki Ka-māʻuleʻule (the one who faints), governor of Oʻahu and husband of Liliha. He accompanied Ka-mehameha II to England. In 1829 he set off on an expedition to the New Hebrides in search of sandalwood, but his ship and all aboard disappeared. (RC 294–296.) Boki may have been named for Ka-mehameha Iʻs pet dog, Poki (from English "boss"). At the time of Boki's birth, many dogs were named Poki, including dog guardians (kiaʻi).

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