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poi Pukui-Elbert Haw to Eng,


1. Poi, the Hawaiian staff of life, made from cooked taro corms, or rarely breadfruit, pounded and thinned with water. Cf. kalo. Poi ʻili, portion of a taro between the center (hē) and the peel. Poi ʻawaʻawa, sour poi [an unpleasant disposition]. (PPN poʻoi, PCP po(po)i.)

2. Also boi Boy. Eng.

poi Pukui-Elbert Eng to Haw,

Poi, ʻai; kāpiki (inferior).

See pounder and saying, welcome.

  • Thin poi, ʻai kakale.
  • Lumpy poi, ʻai puʻupuʻu (fig., unsociable); ʻai hakuhaku (due to mixing).
  • Fresh poi, ʻai hou; ʻakaʻakai (bulrush, so-called because fresh poi was not liked); miki pololei, pololei, polokē.
  • Poi beginning to ferment, pohā ka ʻai.
  • Sour poi, poi ʻawaʻawa (fig., unpleasant disposition), kahania.
  • Breadfruit poi, poi ʻulu.
  • Sweet-potato poi, paʻi ʻuala, paʻi ʻuwala, poi ʻuala, poi ʻuwala, ʻuala hoʻomalamala.
  • Flour poi, poi palaoa.
  • Pumpkin poi, poi palaʻai.
  • Poi cocktail, ʻai kakale.
  • Poi concoction, kūpele.
  • Stages of poi pounding: pākuʻikuʻi, pākī, pākīʻai, pili, hui ka ʻai, hoʻopohā; poho, pele, kūpele; hoʻowali, moku.
  • Poi-pounding board, papa kuʻi ʻai.
  • Poi mixer, lāʻau hoʻowali ʻai.
  • Unmixed poi, small package, pūkeleʻai.
  • Hard, pounded, undiluted poi, paʻi ʻai.
  • Ti-leaf bundle of hard poi, holo ʻai.
  • Watery residue on poi-pounding board, pīkale, kale ʻai.
  • Film of poi adhering to walls of the container, palaʻai.
  • To scrape poi from the sides of the bowl with the fingers, kahi.
  • Single dip of poi, kīʻoʻe poi.
  • To dip poi with fingers, miki; miki pākahi, miki pāpākahi (one finger); miki pāpālua (two fingers).
  • To pound poi, kuʻi ʻai, kuʻi poi; luaʻa.

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poi Māmaka Kaiao Eng to Haw,

Residue of poi after pounding. Kale ʻai.

To take up poi with the fingers. Miki.

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poi Andrews Haw to Eng,

s. The paste or pudding which was formerly the chief food of Hawaiians, and is so to a great extent yet. It is made of kalo, sweet potatoes or breadfruit, but mostly of kalo, by baking the above articles in ovens under ground, and afterwards peeling and pounding them with more or less water (but not much); it is then left in a mass to ferment; after fermentation, it is again worked over with more water until it has the consistency of thick paste. It is eaten cold with the fingers.

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poi Place Names of Hawaiʻi,

, Hawaiian staff of life—cooked taro pounded and mixed with water

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