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1. Same as popohe.

  • Examples:
    • ʻOki pohe, to cut off the hair only at the top of the head, as formerly by one in mourning.

2. n., The marsh pennywort (Hydrocotyle verticillata 🌐), a small weed known in many parts of the world, the stem creeping, leaf blade round, scalloped, attached near its center to the stem.

  • References:
    • Neal 659.

Nā LepiliTags: flora

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v. To cut short; to round off, as the corners; to cut into short pieces.

s. The marshmallows.

2. A small plant like low mallows, the bark of which is used like olona or hemp.

adj. Cut short, as a rope with a knife or with the teeth; cut smoothly off instead of being broken. Lam. Haw. 10:4. He weluwelu ka ka ia, he pohe keia.

2. Round; smoothed by cutting off the corners.

3. Cut into short pieces.

Pohe (pŏ'-he), adj.

/ pŏ'-he / Parker Haw to Eng,

Cut short; cut. into short pieces.

n., A plant of the olonā class the bark of which is used like olonā or hemp.

Nā LepiliTags: flora

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Pohe (po'-he), v.

/ po'-he / Parker Haw to Eng,

Same as poke, to cut.

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