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1. nvs. Swampy, foul odor, as of a swamp; halitosis; polluted. hoʻo.pilo To cause a bad odor. (PPN pilo.)

2. n. Some species of native shrubs, in the coffee family (Hedyotis [Kadual]), the leaves bad-smelling when crushed. See also kōī (Coprosma kauensis) and au 13.

3. n. All Hawaiian species of Coprosma, a genus of shrubs and small trees belonging to the coffee family, with narrow to rounded leaves, tiny greenish flowers, and yellow, red, or black berries.

4. Same as maiapilo (Capparis sandwichiana).

5. idiom. Any kind, any whatsoever (used with ʻaʻohe). ʻAʻohe pilo uku, any pay at all is all right; any pay whatsoever. I lei paha no kākou, ʻaʻohe pilo lei, let's wear leis, any kind of leis. ʻAʻohe pilo ʻōʻō (Kep. 159), any kind of digging stick.

v. To be corrupt; to be impure; to be much injured; ohikihiki i ka niho a pilo.

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