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1. Navel, navel string, umbilical cord. Fig., blood relative, genitals. Cf. piko pau ʻiole, waiʻolu. Mō ka piko, moku ka piko, wehe i ka piko, the navel cord is cut [friendship between related persons is broken; a relative is cast out of a family]. Pehea kō piko? How is your navel [a facetious greeting avoided by some because of the double meaning]? (PPN pito.)

2. Summit or top of a hill or mountain; crest; crown of the head; crown of the hat made on a frame (pāpale pahu); tip of the ear; end of a rope; border of a land; center, as of a fishpond wall or kōnane board; place where a stem is attached to the leaf, as of taro.

3. Short for alopiko. I ka piko nō ʻoe, lihaliha (song), at the belly portion itself, so very choice and fat.

4. A common taro with many varieties, all with the leaf blade indented at the base up to the piko, junction of blade and stem. (HP 29.)

5. Design in plaiting the hat called pāpale ʻie.

6. Bottom round of a carrying net, kōkō.

7. Small wauke rootlets from an old plant.

8. Thatch above a door. ʻOki i ka piko, to cut this thatch; fig., to dedicate a house.

kikino Node, where a leaf is connected to the stem. Dic. See entries below.

kikino Endpoint, in math. Dic., ext. mng.

Point, Hāmākua Poko, Maui. Also known as Hāmākua Poko Point. Lit., navel, umbilical chord.

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