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piapia Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng / pia.pia /,

1. n.v., The encrusted white matter in the eyes, as from sleeping or sore eyes, “sand” in the eyes; to get such matter in the eyes; an abusive epithet applied to one who was unwashed, said to refer to genitals.

  • Examples:
    • Maka piapia, eyes with white matter, said insultingly of one who does not see what he ought to see (For. 5:219).
  • References:
    • PPN piapia.

2. n., A variety of taro.

3. n., A variety of sweet potato.

  • References:
    • HP 142.

Tags: health epithets insults flora kalo ʻuala

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PI-A-PI-A Andrews, Haw to Eng,

s. The thick white liquid matter from sore eyes.

2. Sore eyes generally.

PI-A-PI-A Andrews, Haw to Eng,

adj. Disordered, as the eye; changed from its natural appearance by disease or anger; e wiki iho oe, o hoi e mai kahi maka piapia huhu mai.

2. Dirty; watery, as the eyes.

Piapia (pī'-a-pī'-a), adj. Parker, Haw to Eng / pī'-a-pī'-a /,

Dirty; watery, as diseased eyes.


Piapia (pī'-ă-pī'-a), n. Parker, Haw to Eng / pī'-ă-pī'-a /,

1. The thick white viscid matter from sore eyes.

2. Sore eyes generally, when used with maka.

Piapia (pi'ă-pi'ă): Parker, Haw to Eng / pi'ă-pi'ă /,

sore eye. Land section, Hana, Maui.

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