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Redup. of pale, to ward off. (PNP papale.)

nvt., Hat, head covering; crest, as of a quail; chapter on top of a column (2 Oihn. 3.15); to put on a hat, wear a hat; to overshadow.

  • Examples:
    • Poʻo pāpale, crested head.
    • Pāpale i ka pāpale, to put on or wear a hat.
    • Komo i ka pāpale, to put on a hat [new form].
    • Ua ulu kou nani ā pāpale maluna o kou kaikuaʻana, your beauty has increased so it overshadows that of your sister.
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Papa helu loliWehewehe Wikiwiki update log

kikino Cap, hat. Dic. Pāpale kapuhau. Ski cap, stocking cap. Pāpale kililau. Shower cap. Pāpale kone. Dunce cap, clown hat. Pāpale ʻau. Swim cap.

v. Pa and pale, to defend off. To be out of place; to put together unskillfully. See PAPALALE.

2. To have or to put on a hat or bonnet. Ezek. 44:16.

3. Metaphorically, to cover up; to hide; ua ulu kou nani a papale maluna o kou kaikuaana. Laieik. 196.

s. Pa and pale, a defense. A hat; a cap; a bonnet; any covering for the head.

2. A chapiter for the top of a pillar. 2 Oihl. 3:15.

3. A shovel. Puk. 27:3. Papale hainika, a mitre. Puk. 28:4. Papale kahuna, a mitre. Oihk. 8:9. Papale laa, a holy crown. Puk. 39:30.

Papale (pā'-pā'-le), n.

/ pā'-pā'-le / Parker Haw to Eng,

[Pa and pale, a defense.]

1. A hat; a cap; a bonnet; any covering for the head,

2. Anything that covers a summit or the highest part of a thing.

Papale (pă-pā'-le), v.

/ pă-pā'-le / Parker Haw to Eng,

To bar; to ward off; to protect by shutting out or keeping off something.

Papale (pā'-pā'-le), v.

/ pā'-pā'-le / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. To put on a covering of any kind for the head.

2. To overshadow: Ua ulu kou nani a papale maluna o kou kaikuaana, Your beauty has increased until it overshadows your sister's. Laieik. p. 169.

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