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Redup. of pale, to ward off. (PNP papale.)

v. Pa and pale, to defend off. To be out of place; to put together unskillfully. See PAPALALE.

2. To have or to put on a hat or bonnet. Ezek. 44:16.

3. Metaphorically, to cover up; to hide; ua ulu kou nani a papale maluna o kou kaikuaana. Laieik. 196.

s. Pa and pale, a defense. A hat; a cap; a bonnet; any covering for the head.

2. A chapiter for the top of a pillar. 2 Oihl. 3:15.

3. A shovel. Puk. 27:3. Papale hainika, a mitre. Puk. 28:4. Papale kahuna, a mitre. Oihk. 8:9. Papale laa, a holy crown. Puk. 39:30.

Papale (pā'-pā'-le), n.

/ pā'-pā'-le / Haw to Eng, Parker,

[Pa and pale, a defense.]

1. A hat; a cap; a bonnet; any covering for the head,

2. Anything that covers a summit or the highest part of a thing.

Papale (pă-pā'-le), v.

/ pă-pā'-le / Haw to Eng, Parker,

To bar; to ward off; to protect by shutting out or keeping off something.

Papale (pā'-pā'-le), v.

/ pā'-pā'-le / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. To put on a covering of any kind for the head.

2. To overshadow: Ua ulu kou nani a papale maluna o kou kaikuaana, Your beauty has increased until it overshadows your sister's. Laieik. p. 169.

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