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1. nvt. To close, shut, block (For. 5:460–1), dam (For. 5:509), dike, substitute, replace, represent, fill a breach or vacancy; closure, stopper, valve, cork, plug, lid, cover, gate, blockade, door, agreement (GP 14), substitute, vice- (sometimes preceded by ke).

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2. n. Final bit of food closing a period of treatment by a medical practitioner, commonly but not always sea food; final gift in a hoʻokupu ceremony.

3. n. Odd-shaped pandanus key that fits, like a keystone at the bottom of a pandanus cluster; when this is knocked out, the others fall easily.

4. n. The bottom of a coconut when cracked off by blows around the base of the nut; it fits like a lid (pani).

5. n. Disease with severe pain at the solar plexus and choking.

6. n. Pan.

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    • English.

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kikino Cap, as for a toothpaste tube; lid, as for a jar (preceded by ke).

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hamani To close, as in a computer program.

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hamani Substitute, as in sports; also to substitute (preceded by ke).

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    • Auē! Ua ʻunu ke kuʻekuʻe wāwae o Lopaka; ʻo wai ana lā kōna pani? Shucks! Lopaka's ankle is sprained; who's going to substitute for him?

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