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1. nvs., Cluster, row, group; margin or bank, as of a taro patch; level, as of a platform.

  • Examples:
    • I ka hele ʻana o ka imu ā ʻenaʻena, ua ʻōhelo nohoʻi ka lāʻau ulu imu a nonoho a pae like, when the oven is red-hot, the oven-poking stick is pushed around so that [the stones] are in even levels.
  • References:

2. vi., To land, disembark, come ashore; to mount or catch a wave, as of a surf rider; washed or drifted ashore.

  • Examples:
    • Niho pae, a loose tooth.
    • Manu pae, a bird that lands from afar, as a migratory bird.
    • Palaoa pae, whale washed ashore.
    • Pae i ka nalu, to ride a wave into the shore.
    • Poʻe pae mai, immigrants.
    • ʻA ʻole e pae nā waʻa o ke aliʻi iāʻoe (Nak. 56), the chief's canoes cannot land because of you.
    • E ʻai kākou. Mahalo, ua pae kēia waʻa. Let's eat. Thanks, this canoe has landed [i.e., I have eaten].
  • References:
    • PPN pae.

3. n., Type of sweet potato, pronunciation uncertain.

  • References:
    • For. 5:664–5.

Nā LepiliTags: epithets flora ʻuala

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vs., To strike the ear, as a distant sound.

  • Examples:
    • Paʻē mai ana ka leo o ke kai, the sound of the sea strikes the ears.

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/ pā.ʻē / Haw to Eng, Pukui-Elbert,

nvt., To peel, as bark; a bunch of cleaned bark, as of olonā.

  • Rare

Nā LepiliTags: rare

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kikino, Stage, level of development; level of difficulty, as intermediate or advanced; rank, as in an orderly arrangement.

Nā LepiliTags: Niʻihau

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kikino, Chain, range, series of geographical features.

  • Source:
    • Existing dictionary word, Extended meaning

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kikino, Platform, as DOS, UNIX, Macintosh, etc., for a computer program.

  • Source:
    • Existing dictionary word, Extended meaning

Nā LepiliTags: computers

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v. To flap or shake, as a sail; to turn one side or be loose, as a tooth; as an adjective, he niho pae, a loose tooth.

2. To be carried along by the surf towards the shore; to play on the surf-board; to come to a land, as a boat or canoe; to go ashore from a vessel; to cross a river to the opposite shore. Ios. 4:18. To float ashore from the sea; no na laau hao i pae mua mai, for the timber with iron that had previously floated ashore.

3. To lift up; to raise a little.

4. To strip the bark from a tree; to peel off, as the skin of a banana or of a kalo.

5. To strike upon the ear, as a distant sound; to sound, as from a distance.

6. To be published extensively.

7. Hoo. To land; to put ashore, as a person or goods from a vessel. 1 Nal. 5:9.

s. A cluster; a few; a small company; he pae hao wale, robbers. SYN. with poe and puu.

2. A voice; a sound.

3. A bank of a kalo patch; those parts that are beaten to make them water tight; he mea hana ia ka loi ma na pae e pai mua ai—pakui i ka pohaku ma ua mau pae la—a paa na pae eha.

A sign of the plural number; as, keia pae aina or keia pae moku, these islands. Gram. § 86 and 92.

1. A cluster, a group; a grouping of similar inanimate objects: he pae hau, a group of hau trees.

2. A margin or border.

A rolling or rever.

1. A bunch of berating sound.
cleaned tissues of plants consisting of ten layers of clean fiber, applied to the olona bark.

2. Branch of the olona.

To be put on shore from the sea or from any body of water.

2. To lift, to raise a little. See paepae.

To peel; to take off outer covering of a plant.

To strike upon the ear, as a distant sound.

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