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n. Name of a star of astrologers, said to rise in the early morning during the month of Kaulua.

s. Pau and ahi, fire. Destruction of anything by fire; generally applied to a house, viz.: a house burning.

2. Soot from a fire or lamp.

Pauahi (pă'u-ā'-hi), n.

/ pă'u-ā'-hi / Parker Haw to Eng,

[Pau, all, and ahi, fire.] Destruction of anything by fire; generally applied to a house.

Pauahi (pa'u-ā'-hi), n.

/ pa'u-ā'-hi / Parker Haw to Eng,


Pauahi (pău-ā'hi) :

/ pău-ā'hi / Parker Haw to Eng,

fire destroyed Land section. Kohala. Hawaii.

Land section and gulch, Wai-piʻo qd.; land section, Kai-lua qd.; pit crater, Puna qd., Hawaiʻi. Street, downtown Honolulu, named in memory of the great fire of 1886 and of the aunt of Bernice Pau-ahi Bishop (and mother of Princess Ruth) who had been named Pau-ahi because as a child she was saved from a fire. Building, Puna-hou campus, Honolulu, donated by Charles Bishop in memory of his wife, and built in 1894. The administration building at the Ka-mehameha Schools, built in 1964, was named for Princess Bernice Pau-ahi, the benefactress of the schools. The Bishop Museum entomology building, built in 1964, is named Pau-ahi Hall. Lit., destroyed [by] fire.

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