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1. nvt., To slap, spank, beat, hit, clap; to print, publish; to snap, as pictures; to break, as a taboo; a slapping, slap, stamping, printing (several old types of tapa begin with paʻi: paʻipaʻinahā, paʻiua, paʻiʻula; preceded by ke).

  • Examples:
    • Paʻi ʻana, printing, edition, impression.
    • Paʻi ipu, to beat a gourd drum.
    • Ke kolu o ke paʻi ʻana, third edition.
  • References:

2. nvs., To tie; a draw; equal; to make an agreement (said to be so called because champions slapped each other's open palms after they had agreed on the terms of a match or race, and with a draw it was as though they had no more than concluded the terms).

  • Examples:
    • Inā e paʻi ana e koho ana ʻoia, if it's a tie, he will vote.
  • References:

3. vt., To mix, as ingredients; to mingle.

4. To put clothes to soak, as in soapy water.

5. nvt., A bundle, package, especially of food; to tie up such a bundle; bunch, cluster, as of grapes (preceded by ke).

6. Rare variant of paʻipaʻi; to strip, as bark.

7. nvt., Lining, as of pandanus or sugar-cane leaves, inside thatching of pili grass; to line thus.

8. vs., Decaying, of fruits or plants; blight.

9. Short for paʻi malau.

10. n., A heap.

11. vt., To evict, as from land.

  • Examples:
    • ʻO ka paʻi ʻana o ʻAikanaka i nā mākua … ma kēia paʻi ʻana a ʻAikanaka i nā mākua (FS 47), as for Man-eater's eviction of the parents … in this eviction by Man-eater of the parents [from their land] (note possessive prepositions o and a in similar environments).

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kikino, Portuguese man-of-war (Physalia 🌐).

  • Source:
    • Niʻihau.
  • References:
    • See paʻipeʻa, paʻipihi.

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hamani, To print, as on a computer (preceded by ke).

  • Source:
    • Existing dictionary word

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kikino Shot, as of a photograph or in movie or video production (preceded by ke). Dic., ext. mng. See kokoke, laulā, lōpū, paʻi kiʻi. Nā ʻano paʻi. Types of shots. Paʻi laulā. Wide shot. Paʻi laulā loa. Extreme wide shot. Paʻi lōpū. Medium shot. Paʻi kokoke. Close-up. Paʻi kokoke loa. Extreme close-up.

hamani To take, shoot, or snap, as a photograph (preceded by ke). Dic. Cf. ʻāpona. See entries below and pahu paʻi wikiō. Mea paʻi kiʻi. Photographer, cameraperson. Paʻi kiʻiʻoniʻoni. To shoot a movie film. Paʻi wikiō. To shoot a video.

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