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/ paʻa.pū / Haw to Eng, Pukui-Elbert,

vs., Covered with, solid with, teeming with, crowded, congested, as people, fog, or clouds; dense, impervious, nonporous; stifling, stuffy, as a room; thick or coarse, of banana fruit peeling (HP 173).

  • References:
    • Ioba 7.5.

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kikino Density, as of a computer disk. Dic., ext. mng. See entry below. Paʻapū emi. Low density. Paʻapū ʻoi. High density. Paʻapū pūʻuo kanaka. Population density, for humans only.

Lākiō paʻapū wai. Specific gravity, relative gravity. ʻAilakele paʻapū. Saturated fat.

v. To crowd; to throng; to be thick together, as a company of persons.

2. To be hurried or bustling with business.

3. To be thick; to cover over a surface. Oihk. 13:12. To be full of a thing. 2 Nal. 6:17.

4. Hoo. To fill, as with confusion. Ezek.28:16.

adj. Filled; impervious; solid; not hollow; dark; crowded all together; closely joined; covered up; bound; tied; pouli paapu, thick darkness. Kanl. 15:19.

adv. Entirely; wholly; thickly; all together; in great quantities. Puk. 8:2.

Paapu (pa'a-pū'), adj.

/ pa'a-pū' / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. Consisting of a great number of individual objects closely joined.

2. Encircled; covered; overspread.

Paapu (pa'a-pū'), adv.

/ pa'a-pū' / Haw to Eng, Parker,

Thickly; numerously; all together; in great numbers.

Paapu (pa'a-pū'), v.

/ pa'a-pū' / Haw to Eng, Parker,

1. To be crowded; to be numerous.

2. To be overspread; to be overwhelmed.

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